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  1. So some of you may know, some of you may not.

    Recently I accidentally bought some laced lettuce. (If you catch my meaning). I was allergic to the stuff that it was laced with, but I didn’t know it was in it. Because of this I was hospitalized for a couple days. I’m back now, but I want to kind of give my story to the 18 people who read forums. You don’t have to read it or you can just simply call me an idiot. I have no problem with that and I wouldn’t blame you.

    I was first introduced to drugs when I was 16 in high school. As most of my baseball friends... I partied hard. Which was an issue because I was in line for a D1 scholarship. For privacy I won’t say where, but I was going to be one of the main 15 freshman and junior transfers they were bringing in to rebrand the program. I was being recruited along with other 4 and 5 star recruits. One was even a top 10 in his respective state, which brings in about 20% of the top 125 in the US annually. He was VERY good.

    When I was 17, I had a run in with an administrator at my school and I was suspended. I was on the hot seat with the D1 Uni. What was the run in? I came to class high as a kite and half drunk. Sunday night football party and I carried the party over until the next day. The start of my senior season, I broke my wrist in a game and lost my D1. If I wouldn’t have been suspended they said I might have been kept on..

    Enter summer of 18. I have by this point been experimenting with harder drugs. I got my then girlfriend pregnant a little later. (I’m happy I have a son, you’ll see later). I manage to use my grades to get me into a D3 Private University. Great education, mediocre sports. Big drop off from Great education AND great sports.

    Freshman year of college starts the same as all of my other school years. Big parties and drugs. All year. My grades fall, I get threatened to never see my soon to be born kid. I am depressed and broken. I make a mistake I can’t take back but has made me stronger.

    This leads to the last couple of weeks. As many of my good friends on this game know, I’ve been in court trying to get custody. I got clean and everything for it. About 3 months clean or so. Court goes well and I get weekends with my son! So to celebrate my bro gets us some goods and says “relax, it’s all good.” Next thing I know I’m hooked up to an IV and barely breathing.

    Everything is okay now. Thankfully my buddy was quick to react and got me to the hospital. I am on probation when it comes to my son now tho, which sucks.

    I say all this to say... if you know someone who’s struggling with drugs or anything. YOU have to be the voice of reason. Don’t judge, but talk to them. Help them. One mistake led to LOTS of disappointments. I’m doing much better now, because of ONE of my friends who decided to help me. Hold me accountable and talk to me about everything. I’m on the grind now. Working to try and get a transfer scholarship agreement to go back to that D1.


  2. Thanks for sharing this interesting story. I’m so happy for you that you’re clean and have gained some custody over your kid. As a college student too, I realize all of the temptations that exist, and it’s so helpful to have a strong support group.

    We all certainly have different experiences and roads to travel in life, some better or worse than others. Best of luck with everything!
  3. Thanks for sharing this i wish you the best of luck
  4. Thanks for sharing, drugs can do a lot of damage not only physically/mentally but also socially in the bad influences it seems to tag along in your life.
  5. Glad you have a goal set. Working towards something will make it easier to avoid the bad decisions.

    In my experience in academia, I often observe that overcoming adversity can and usually is more valuable than simply never making any mistakes. Hopefully your experiences will be valuable as you work on your education, and potentially sports.

    Best of luck Nate.
  6. I'm at work, reading this and high af rn.

    420 legalise yo.
    Great story as always Snoopy.

    Your stories are the best! I remember the one you told me in 2013, about how you were Emeth and a bunch of other stuff about Emeth that you probably picked up from the forums.

    Fast forward a few years and you didn't know who that was and suddenly you never were "Emeth". :lol:
  7. do drugs
  8. 1st of all, i know its not easy to admit to ones self a problem exist within the precious gift god has given us, much less to a group of ppl. Good luck to you bud. REMEMBER, if you ever feel weak again, try to imagine you lil one growing up without his dad. AND Summon the strengh you need to carry on. GOD BLESS
  9. 1st of all, i know its not easy to admit to ones self a problem exist within the precious gift god has given us, much less to a group of ppl. Good luck to you bud. REMEMBER, if you ever feel weak again, try to imagine you lil one growing up without his dad. AND Summon the strengh you need to carry on. GOD BLESS
  10. I’ve been pretty open about that situation. You’re just a bit to... challenged to comprehend it. High huh? When did McDonalds start allowing you to be high on the clock anyway..?

    I’m all for 420. It’s just that it was a gateway drug for me personally. If you’d like to have a conversation about it I’m down! ;) but let’s make it an actual conversation and not just throw cheap shots at each other.
  11. Was gonna tell you to shut up before I read it but then read it lol.

    I hate when people say it’s brave to talk openly about their experiences and their hardships, because realistically it shouldn’t take someone being brave to be open about what they’ve gone through and what they are going through.

    But I respect the fact you are open about it.

    I think it’s time to start afresh, and to probably solidify your ideas currently, just not indulge in drugs as a whole, happiness with your son and getting your life back on track is going to give you more life than smashing drugs every weekend.

    Good luck, hopefully you can get regain custody of your son again and live a life of happiness. Chin up mate.
  12. Ayy, it's cool, you aren't the first kid to steal someone's identity/story and pretend to be them.
    Unfortunately it's the only thing I remember you for. :lol:
  13. drugs r 4 thugz