Story Time: KaW War Stories

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  1. No joking it was MrBiscuit versus Enormicon_HGL-

  2. lol ...uhhh who are you again??? That’s right nobody lol ...I been KAWing since 2010 miss butthurt, and I can assure you I’ve made more people reset drop build and disband clan more then you and everyone you know who KAWs. I have “SOLO” OSW CF from biggest alliances this MMO has ever seen and numerous others.

    ...son back in the day there was a point I wouldn’t accept CF. Ild make clowns abandon their accounts and have them sneak around wee hours of the morning months later hoping to get active again ...but nope not happening 

    Clown boi you have no clue lol 

    Anyone who smack talking Mr. Biscuit and TSC is truly an ignorant noob and should delete app right now 
  3. lol Russian Shadows never successfully stripped me Roni ...about 40% on a midsize account it was the most anyone’s done against me on an account that had more then max plunder so I gave them props but it was less then 50% was a BS fight anyways lol not taken seriously by either side 

    TBH 100% honest Yafi has giving me more trouble than anyone else
  4. I remember biscuit begging for help with hgl and not doing squat to their lb but hey roni is the voice of reason

  5. Oooh. We're doing fantasy war stories?
  6. As I explained, you're delusional. A response like this is expected. At least you're not trying to claim some of the stuff Toddsy is though. He thinks very highly of himself. Not many people ever took TSC seriously even at their height.

  7. LOLOL 1000% truth  your idiot boyfriend DMC, Lady K, Pie ...biggest crybabies this game has EVER seen you literally are NOBODY you have ZERO history in this game NOBODY (lol) KNOWS WHO YOU ARE 

    ...dude and seriously shut up with your pathetic BL ratio  eb fairy for real 
  8. your butthurt is beyond being just “jealous” lol’s pathological I suggest you seek medical help, as previously stated I usually suggest people to NOT take SSRIs. You’re a “special” case though 
  9. lol ask DiscGolfWizard who lurking ...BUTTHURT HELL OUTTA HIS CLAN 4 YEARS AGO 

    Talk about crybabies lol
  10. Mr.biscuit and the strippers club was exactly what this game was about. Rare players like biscuit are what made this game fun and made this game an actual kingdoms at war.

    Players like that onsey or whatever guy are just the typical mediocre haters that built or bought payed for kingdoms with lots of cash and lots of epics and have never played KaW as a war game. Sad for him. He will never have enjoyed what KaW was originally about.
  11. Someone's blowing a fuse. :lol:

    Tell me more about your insecurities Todd.

  12. First of all you weren’t even KAWing when TSC was at its “height” (idiot) 

    ...crybaby coward lol you NEVER made this noise when MrB was around because I GUARANTEE you he would have rallied me, Predator, Biscuit, Roni, TBird, 5796/MajorLick, even Skinny lol & others and we would have made you abandon your account ...hell we would’ve made you smashed your phone on the sidewalk in frustration  (we’ve done it before) 
  13. look in the mirror when you say that ...everyone knows you troll me not the other way around. ...cause you so jealous  lol

  14. Try to leave the house SOMETIMES ...maybe try talking to a girl lol  (other then your mother that is lol)
  15. lol now go find a mod and cry like you have been loser  lol 

    Where is your boyfriend at? Lol

    You two butthurts are connected at the hip lol ...he’s usually around to wipe your tears away lol
  16. Tell me more about how you're not flipping. :lol:

    Really though, all your stories seem to be dependant on other people. Is your legacy being a tailcoat because you sure make it sound like that.

    Also I respect some of the names you drop, it's you I don't respect if you haven't gotten that yet. Best thing you ever did was dedicate yourself to statless alts.
  17. lol...thing is you’re so damn stupid it’s not even worth explaining to you. I have multiple accts just because you can’t chew gum and walk at the same time no reason to get butthurt about it 

    And yes you idiot (and all other idiots ) I AM ACTIVE 

    ...ur too much a moron to find my other accts  lol

    Ask Roni for help lol 
  18. Oh your boyfriend finally showed up ...I knew he would 

    ...I mean all you had to do is roll over in bed and tell him to open the app lol