Story Time: KaW War Stories

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  1. This made my morning
  2. Lol nice
  3. I farmed the netherking for all his aqua and inferno
  4. I remember reading Ajax's wall everyday to see what clan he was destroying by himself. He was the greatest 1v1 and kept me entertained! 
  5. My favorite kaw memories stem from the friendships I made with my eb friends.
  6. I love that this comes from one of the self proclaimed best EE "warriors" in a time when EE is almost completely irrelevant. :lol:

    Not like any one cares about your proclamations. You were worthless then and remain so now. :lol:

    I'm sure you'll call a friend though for some esteem issues though.
  7. You cared enough to be jealous enough to make a post that is stupid enough to be an achievement even for you!
    For real though, I had my best win records in s2-s4 which is not a time where EE was irrelevant
  8. I don't know how you get jealously from that post, obviously the narcissism clouds your ability of rational thought.

    Also, good for you. No one still cares, it's just about laughing at you at this point.

  9. you’re obviously jealous’re jealous of anyone who displays any pride in accomplishment or gets any kind of props or recognition for ANYTHING. Because you get recognized for NOTHING lol ...seriously nobody knows wtf you are. You’re known as one of Forums butthurt crybabies that’s all.

    You and your other loser friend 

    Honestly no one can recall “1” post where you contribute ANY meaningful or humorous content ...ZERO

    ...even in OSW or EE you’re unknown nobody :(
  10. I liked system wars
  11. :lol:

    Todd, keep hanging on to that meme as if you've ever done anything. Sorry you forum trolls don't know me well enough except for when I come to trash your delusions of grandeur. See, unlike you guys, I'm fine with people not knowing me. I don't need memes or forum troll recognition, those who do know me on either of my accounts (neither of which I "strategically" hide) know me for who I am and for what I do. I'm not like you or xxd3monxx needing to hide building some illusion of being basdass hiding behind your obvious masks. Sure though, maybe I should get some more worthless mouth pieces to surround myself with to claim I'm awesome like you even though they are almost, equally or even more worthless than you. :lol:

    Can't wait for your hollow reply. :lol:
  12. Sorry Moloch to have to burst your bubble and disagree. But i know first hand how Todd is more than a forum troll. I have fighted along side him in The Strippers Club versus Annihilation osw and ive fighted a few times against him.Me and Todd it is well known have had a lot of friction between us. So we have exchanged hits on each other lots of time's. My clan along with Lili when she was also a member of Russian Shadows.Even stripped several of his accounts a few time's. He also was a member of Sabatage who were always in osws. He also has had a long standing feud with Alison/Skinnyminny.So i doubt they just smiled sweetly at each other and did nothing else. Todd has surpassed being more than a "forum troll".
  13. It's almost like I predicted that. :lol:
  14. Also Todd is a o.g member of The strippers club and been in other osw's with them. He is co owner with MrBiscuit.
  15. Mrbiscuit doesn't exactly pvp unless you count begging people to buy his allies
  16. There’s a lot more to OSW than simply attacking people. That’s just called farming, Demon. Lol
  17. Onesy, yes he does.Surely you can't forget MrB fighting a Happy Go Lucky clan L.B member for months. With intention to knock him off the L.B. He was forever stripping him and his alt.
  18. I stated that it had some fun moments. But the vast majority of the time it was just mindless, boring farming.
  19. I can practically cut the jealousy in the air with a knife.
  20. Err. Please be joking, thanks.