Story Pass: The Harpies' Ransom

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  1. Story Pass: The Harpies' Ransom

    "The last time you saw the fearsome pirate sisters known as the Harpies of Vigona, they were fleeing their hideout as your forces destroyed it...and it seems they have not forgotten that defeat.

    Now, the Corsair Queens have resurfaced with a note of ransom: a handsome bounty in exchange for the life of Scout Captain Gwyn's young sister. It's up to Gwyn and Holm to stage a daring rescue at sea..."

    Today we are launching a brand new feature - story passes! This unlocks a brand new set of quests that will persist until the end of the year, along with some sweet unique rewards! Activating these new legends can be done by purchasing the Harpies' Ransom Note in the store for 150 NB.

    Harpies' Ransom Note

    Returning Premium EB - The Harpies of Vigona


    Some of you players may remember this series from when it launched! We are bringing it back for all players to enjoy, as it is a special tie-in with the theme of the story pass.
    • Costs 5 Mariners' Tithe to unlock, which can be purchased for 15 NB each in the marketplace
    • For players who have purchased the story pass, this EB provides an increased base drop rate for the items
    • Has a small chance to drop the item Fire the Cannons! This item provides a 60% increase in story pass item drops from EBs
    • This EB will be available on a rotating schedule, every other week for 4 days from noon PST:
      • Oct 28-Nov 1
      • Nov 11-15
      • Nov 25-29
      • Dec 9-13
      • Dec 23-27


    What kind of rewards are available? Well, I'm glad you asked ... upon completion of the story pass, players will be able to earn the following:

    Banner of the Pirate Queens

    Treasure of the Corsairs

    Draconic Kraken

    First up, we have a sweet banner with 3 available upgrades. Upgrade materials will be provided as part of the story pass rewards. A unique stat item and pet will also be rewarded.

    Other rewards include:
    Silver Bar
    Trader's Tokens
    Crestplates and shards
    Seerstones (royal + imperial)
    Red Lumber
    Yellow Sandstone
    Blue Ingot
    Crux (regular + gold)
    Various keys (royal, furniture, general, conquerors)
    Mariners' Tithe

    Finally, special emojis will be available for players to use until January 31, 2020. These cost gold to activate and last for 6 hours, but are unlocked at different times:
    • Anchor emoji: Available once you buy the story pass
    • Skull and crossbones emoji: Available once you complete the final tier of the story pass
    Since our current event, Murder in Halloch Moor, also has emojis available for purchase, please note this is the order that they will show (i.e. if you have both the pumpkin and anchor emoji, the pumpkin one will be the one displayed):
    • Pumpkin
    • Ghost
    • Skull and crossbones
    • Anchor
    • Seasonal war emojis
    All of the relevant items for the story pass can be found in the new marketplace section, "The Harpies' Ransom".

    This content is available until January 1, 2020 at noon PST (with the exception of the emoji spells).
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  2. Event is crashing tried to restart and clear cache but made it worst??
  3. Can’t see new ebs 😬
  4. Hi there, please try restarting your app. The issue should be fixed now.
  5. Since this is a new thing can you list some of rewards for the new legends?
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  6. Aweseom daily Lb way to kill clan loyalty even further, clearly you don’t listen to your community
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  7. Don’t worry about new eb I didn’t read all the post lol
  8. Lol. Imagine being the one thing this entire community has been begging for, for YEARS.

    And the devs, trying to make a Fortnite-esque pass (new Subscription service if you will) decide to incentivize hopping even more! Loving it ;)
  9. Looks cool I guess I’ll buy the pass
  10. $20 for a new banner? Sounds kinda gay devs
  11. Also you're going to have to make videos or something for me to care to read about the storyline of these events
  12. Annnnnnnnd then this happened. Poor form dev, poor form. Maybe dont hit the paywall so hard yeah? this will just further ruin charms pets and well everything. Idk maybe I'm wrong I dont do your taxes, but man it's looking off putting from a user side of this exchange.
  13. Ebs arent paying out properly neither items.
  14. Read it. Still don’t get it.😂🎃🙈
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  15. So now we have to pay to play content within the game? Which also requires 5 items you also have to pay for? Lmao. Good job. Almost feels like I'm playing an EA game now. Paylocked content, lootboxes and microtransactions galore.
  16. Honestly though what f2p players do we have left??
  17. So if we do this pay scam season thing, will the LB update daily again? Or like will this revenue be used to actually fix broken features? Cuz that might make a difference in the amount of subs you get.
  18. Thanks for your suggestion! I've added more of the rewards to the original post.

    Our regularly scheduled event content is still available and this is merely additional content that we are offering players. Taking part in the premium EB is not required to progress in the story pass. All of the legend tasks can be completed without any additional spending if players choose not to.
  19. Wow this game is a mess right now, probably due to not fixing existing bugs and trying to force out more pay 💰 content without said fixes 🍻
  20. Yeah I get that, and I'm definitely not paying for this.
    My point to why is because you're [KaW] introducing to me [player] a new 'mode' if you will. Cool. It's a story pass and has different rewards besides the legend stuff from current event. Also cool.
    Ok but now, its 1. Limited time event just like the legends event. 2. The EB associated with this story mode is only available for 4 days every other week.
    Now the big idea is to paylock this event for 15$ which is not even going to exist for the lifetime of the game? That's absolutely ridiculous. Why would I even remotely consider paying 15$ for a PASS to play NEW CONTENT [relatively] that's going to EXPIRE. No.
    KaW needs to rethink their means of introducing new content besides paylocking it. Whoever's idea that was needs to be fired and go work for EA. This is downright ridiculous and the devs literally do not listen to the community majority.