Storm Chasers CF to Pure Evil

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  1. We here at ️Storm Chasers️ have asked for a cease fire from Pure Evil.

    When this war started it was against The PINES and then they relocated to Pure Evil. At first we thought we had the upper hand! It was false hope for us, and things went from bad to worse!

    We are apologizing to PE for Dreamwitch sending an ungodly amount of emojis through pm. We are guilty of underestimating them and being arrogant when offered cf terms before. They pulled multiple strips including a 380t+ strip, kept us constantly pin and ran off the people that wanted to help us. We honestly thought we had this. To the end we didn’t give up hope that they would just walk away. We gave it our best. It just wasn’t enough against people that get their kicks bullying and ruining other players day and then laughing about it.
    That’s it. We cf. Goodbye
  2. cf denied
  3. CF accepted.
    Long Live Devastation
  4. CF accepted, Happy KAWing Storm Chasers!

    ¡Long Live Devastation!
  5. Dragon is a meanie! He has used me as his hand puppet for years
  6. Duly noted and accepted.

    Onwards and upwards for both sides, keep it classy and enjoy your game again. Good luck.
  7. Says the fully mithed ps with allies
  8. Nice to see a CF post in forums again.
  9. LOL good job PE
  10. That was fast
  11. Nice. Forums CF.
    This is the good stuff.
  12. I miss forum CF. Well done to both sides
  13. finally, some good ****ing food
  14. hahaha
  15. Nice to see PE doing what y’all do. Respect.
  17. How are you gonna cease fire to a small clan with mainly inacs and alts
  18. We aren’t alts. I guess thinking isn’t your strong suit