Stop hitting each other, and lets play nice.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by LovelyPeacemaker, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. So umm... I noticed that people actaully HIT EACH OTHER in this game. So I propose a new change in the direction of peace.

    It would be nice if the person taking the hits would lose MORE gold. This way if balances for the hitters. Its always annoying to hit hit and hit, while the other person just self pins on an hte and still makes trillions a day. And hire hitting is so expensive :( it drains your banks. So lets say we make the person getting hit lose more ok? That would turn this game in a direction of peace.

    Peace out!
  2. You're an open attack farm?
  3. There is a spell for that now

    Is called unholy aura

    The way it works is 50% of your attacks causes the target to lose 100% more gold

  4. if I lose 200mil a hit and make 450 off hte I'll make money no matter what. That spell isn't super effective anymore
  5. There's no such thing as peace only war! Try as u might but there won't be peace unless the last one is standing or at least they're dtw
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  7. Your red text is very hard to read
  8. What drugs are you on?
  9. Yes, this can be effective. Also, attacking a player who has more gold out will make them lose more gold! Simple like that!
  10. Using exclamation points makes you seem rather defecient in cognitive functions.

    Then again most of your actions do not reflect any form of notable intellect.
  11. Oh mah gawd.

    I just witnessed a murder
  12. There's no peace
    Only war
    Victory decides who's wrong or right
    It will not cease
    Only grow
    You better be prepared to fight!

    And it will not apologize
    For laying down your life


    There's no pain
    It will spare
    Death has become your only right
    And once you're lost
    In your despair
    Forever black, eternal light

    And it will not apologize
    For laying down your life



    It needs no side to justify
    Laying down your life


  13. That red text is hard to read on iphone kills my eyes lol
  14. You basically want a player to have more reason to stay in pin. ... Does not compute
  15. Misspelling while insulting someone's intelligence is a sure fire way to apply your own insult to yourself.
  16. Strip farm them while they sleep?