Still inclined to play? [Poll]

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  1. u just jealous you have no monies and golds and I have more monies and golds than you liz
  2. It's been fun liz 
  3. Hi, I have played multiple MMOs on different platforms, all of which had varying degrees of what I like to call "walls." These walls are reached after grinding for weeks (not years, like KaW is doing), but after you've hit that wall you can gain further things to enhance your gameplay.

    KaW on the other hand is providing its players with exponential upgrades without the exponential means to acquire them within the yearly time frame they have set for new land releases. The problem shouldn't be fixed for LB players with more lands, but other means to enhance their gameplay, while we regular spending folk are allowed to catch up to BC.

    The tokens provided are mere fluff and a bandaid for the larger issue that is end game.


    If the developers really wanted to shake things up, maybe they could pee in cheerios of their creative department. That could stoke the flames of their imagination.
  4. I think ATA needs to put more focus on writing creative stories for EB events.
  5. I pay to play but with the recent new land release the finish line has been moved so far away I realistically will never BC.

    How someone joining KAW now will ever build complete is beyond me. KAW has been over complicated in the last year.

    I'll not be paying again, my time is nearly over I think.

    Devs you got too greedy.
  6. Retired from kaw. Came back after message yesterday. And nothing I have seen makes me want to play again.

    Pvp has been damaged too much.
    The events are as bad if not worse than ever and the amount that require pay to play eBs. The devs are far too greedy now and that shows.
    Said it before and will say it again. We spend more money helping clan mates rather than being told to spend to play an eb.
    New lands. Hell I have no motivation to spend that much time or money on the game after 5 years. No point building a war kingdom when all you do is hit ebs and pay for better shinies.
    I'm staying retired.
  7. I've been on KaW for about 6 years (older account had issues and is on a different device right now), but I haven't actively played in a long time. The game started to seem more and more repetitive and dull as time went on, so I eventually lost the desire to play. Now I just check in occasionally out of curiosity, but that's just me.
  8. I have been playing on a multitude of accounts across the course of 6 years. I've had my breaks but I'm still quite inclined to pay and play
  9. Still inclined to play, generally speaking.
  10. Nothing has really changed ...thru just make wars worse and worse with top loaded plunder difference. I don't really see any reason why new players would want to play ....