Still inclined to play? [Poll]

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  1. Does it matter? I couldn't hit BC players before and still cannot. Not really a big deal. You all need to evaluate why you play. If it is for the Kawmunity, clan chat or OSW fun then new lands don't mean anything. If you only goal is BC then you are spending anyway.

    Suck it up and accept the game will always evolve. Gold is easier then over and heck, building tokens are even a thing now.
  2. As people have mentioned and I'll reiterate. This game was about coming together to kill ebs (after they came out of course). Some of these ebs were a pain in the ass, such at TT and CTT, but it brought people together for a challenge. After beating it was a fun great achievement. Now, all we do is tap tap tap to earn gold, buy buildings or allies and then repeat. There is no CHALLENGE in the game aside from showing up.
  3. I'm of the opinion that new lands needed to happen. I don't particularly like it but it had to. When the top 500 are bc, things need to move.
  4. I don't pay or play at all really. Maybe log in a couple times a day, say something provocative in forums or WC, catch up with a couple old friends and then go off again.

    Last time I paid was when I started this account and that was only because I had like £2 left in my iTunes wallet that I forgot about. Before that, it was during that 2 week long PvP event back in 2015.

    Before that point I'd spend fairly religiously on KaW. At some times I had hopes of BC'ing accounts. Now? Can't be bothered. Just looking at the number of zeroes at the end of those buildings and lands puts me off.
  5. No. Not inclined.
  6. I'm planning to tear down my build soon and quit.
    Why? Over the years, ATA's development model for KaW has remained the same, put in the least possible effort for their updates and don't change things or introduce new features.
    This way they can spend time on development for their new games whilst continuing to milk KaW.

    Take a look at the past updates, has there been any new game play features? Nah. Same old boring events and land releases every year.
    Now we have legends which is just events reskinned. Soon we'll have S7 with the same old format.
    For KaW, ATA has always tried to put in the least possible effort to keep the game running and that's about it.

    Another reason for soon quitting is the absurd BC costs. 15Q? 20Q?
    As a spending player, I buy xtls,seals, nobs, chests do 2-3 ZTA trains a month and sit in an HTE clan.
    Yet even with all of that I'll require an insane amount of tapping to make the gold to BC and spend about 1500$. Not really worth it. Forget ever retaining a new player. It's nigh impossible that a new player would see this set up and want to tap a few hundred thousand times to BC.

    If ATA had any sense, they'd release a new premium EB and F2P series that would pay way more to match the new absurd land prices.

    It's not that ATA can't update the game well, introduce newer features, utility fixes or listen to their players because I've seen how hard they've been working on their new game. They fix bugs daily, constantly listen to the beta players and tweak the game and more. It's quite amazing. It's interesting to note that the new game has a lot of features that were posted here by players over the years.

    It's just that they rather put in the least possible effort to just keep KaW running and milk it. Sadly that's how it is.

    I'm going to prepare a case study for business clsss on Supercell and ATA's approach to their games. Supercell was at one point smaller than ATA in company size and player base, but a dedicated SDLC saw their games go viral. They listen to the community, have a fixed update road map and ensure new game features are released every quarter along with user requested utility and UI updates.

    While ATA just rather do the bare minimum. I will never understand why ATA demonstrates staunch mediocrity when it comes to their games.
  7. Why would they change when top 500bc keep throwing money at it. Will soon be 500 player's lol

  8. This.

    Only a very bad dev team would raise BC costs to an insane amount but not provide you with the means to reach there.

    By that I mean a premium Eb/EB series that has a payout in scale with the new land/building costs.

    How do I make 20Q off HTE and ZTA? Do 50+ trains? :lol:
  9. No. Not inclined
  10. I guess I don't understand why so many people complain. With the latest update the devs tried to set the bar high enough that people couldn't bc in a day. This ends up benefiting most people. Yes there is a player gap and guess what there always will be in a pay to play game. If I wanted to be the biggest baddest person in the game I could literally noob w gold to the top.

    All other pay to play games have the same model even games on Xbox and ps1 have a pay to play aspect. If you want to buy your way to the top go ahead. I personally think the devs have done a lot to closet the player gap since the pwar days. They now have events that drop sb and build tokens so smalls can grow. People still complain - you have to be in an hte clan to get rewards. Last time I checked in several events many leaders in events were in Sucker punch and Retribution doing free eb for rewards.

    You can also do wars to collect free items and sb. About half the time you get your xstal back even for participating in wars.

    The lands were needed for bc players to have something to work for. Yes the amount is huge but smaller players benefit by being able to pick up dropped allies by those chasing build. Soon the smaller players can add a ton more bfa by adding those cheaper dropped allies. After a short while those dropped allies will be in greater demand and people will benefit from it.

    If you are small and didn't spend before this release chances are you aren't going to
    Magically start spending money to get to the top- but you were you playing the game as you choose to prior so who cares.

    My point - as long as there is a pay to play aspect- in any game you will have those that do and create a larger gap only limited by their wallet. I think the devs should be applauded for their effort to assist smalls in growing thru their efforts.

    Thx Midget

    Sorry for typos and grammar - I'm just a midget
  11. You are wrong on one thing. Not every free game is pay to win. Look at path of exile, one of the most successful ftp games out there. Look at LoL, Dota2. Not an ounce of pay to win, all ftp, all some of the most successful games out there.
  12. This my friend is what I want to highlight. In 2009, it took me $300 USD, to BC in one day. Yes I was a nobility noob.

    It was much more difficult then to BC, bec eb was nonexistent. All we had was quests, good ol' fashioned farming and osf.

    What many fail to comprehend, is the core gameplay of this game is broken, due to the introduction of p2p ebs. BC is not mandatory, nor does anyone need to aspire to spend to reach it, as ATA frame of mind is - however, this logic is fallacious. It's disheartening to your player base, not to have the means to acquire a quadrillion gold, much less 20 quadrillion gold, to build. That's the averaged players mindset.

    ATA, needs to play their own damn game to understand the sentiment. Words of advise friend, please broaden your horizon and play another game to have a fresh perspective. The apes are just like an abusive girlfriend, don't be a poor sucker allowing this maltreatment.

    It's why I'm here.
  13. @Midget.

    I'm totally fine with a P2P model. I spend on the games I play. I'm all for paying to BC.

    Do you realise that the new land costs are unreasonably high? Considering all we have are HTE/ZTA to make gold and they're easily killed.

    I need 20+Q to BC. Let that sink in.
    I make 120b a unload on HTE, 10-15T on a ZTA 48xtl train.

    So I'd have to do 200+, 48xtl ZTA trains? That's me low balling it. Do the math.
    If BC-ing requires 1500$+ and 100K+ taps, you aren't going to see a lot of Osman Rai or Abyss players get there.

    It's crazy.

    Forget me, do you think a new player would ever want to play after seeing how unattainable it is?
  14. I'm working on that 110k steal achievement atm I don't need to be BC to do it. Its your game have fun with it why do people need to be build complete? If that's your whole game then maybe you do need to quit lol.
  15. Yes, I enjoy kaw. This thread doesn't seem much like a poll.
  16. A poll takes people's opinions, a thread does that and allows friendly discussion. Free reign.
  17. Lol....actually the devs do have accounts they play in game.....but it doesn't seem to help them understand well what the player base desires.

    They also have allowed non dev players to assist with coding but now I'm derailing so I'll stop and move along.

    It's not just new lands that have screwed up kaw. It's just the latest addition making a large percentage of players even more disgruntled than they already were.
  18. I think black Friday this year will be a huge turning point or where kaw is at. It'll be interesting to see how much $ people spend to bc. Being in osw where an event will get me 3/4 of an upgrade (old bc) I'm at a loss on how most accounts will grow now and think Black Friday will be a huge factor
  19. Yes, I still play despite Osmon Rai and Deep Mines were released.

    I just accepted that I can't BC in this lifetime . For me, enjoying the game is first and foremost.

    Goodluck to all going after the holy grail!
  20. If i was going to bother to bc, I would probably be upset as I just spent 20q for a crappy plunder increase (relative to spend) and players of my current size are still in range to hit. Hahaha

    To grow you now need to hit the ebs and be active in the events ALL THE TIME plus trains. It's repetitious and therefore boring.

    At this point I'm not inclined to play or be played by the apes. As much as I hate to agree with him, everything Sinan said is right.
    Rip kaw, hello kingdoms at bore zzz