Still inclined to play? [Poll]

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  1. Hey there guys,

    So it's been a little while since I've posted anything, but a buddy texted me to login and I just wanted to see how the community was doing for old times sake.

    I've long since tapered off the Kawcane, but I was wondering what you guys thought about the "new update". Are you still interested to play? Ambitious to BC?

    As someone who's been here since the beginning, ata usually makes new lands to give new content to the BC community. However, it previously took years and since then - from what I've seen, the new developers that have since been hired, have probably been instructed to expedite the process to be every 6 months or so for new lands. It has its pros and cons obviously...

    One of them is player retention. So to reiterate, are you happy for the new patch? Yes or no, posts thanks.



    P.S. I foresee new lands next December. For those wondering what's next. I believe this, as I've known ata to operate in patterns, it's their M.O.
  2. New lands always come out March 31st

    Hf came out for Christmas but usually the pattern has been March

    Personally I don't not care to be build complete

    If I was build complete I would probably quit because I won kaw

    They could release 3 or 4 lands at once and those who are build complete will still instantly be build complete same day

    Once they bc they only hire allies that exponentially increases their gold per day far more than hitting an epic battles

    Everyone has this idea they can "catch up"

    Even if devs give everyone build complete there is still no catching up

    So do not concern yourself with this act of futility and play for the taps
  3. Ape loves de moneys

    Ape logic

    New clueless staff! = saves de money = less staff saves more moneys = no new ideas = new lands to take our moneys
  4. You couldn't be more wrong. HF was November.
    Abyss was January
    Osman Rai was Either March 31 or April 1st. (Everyone was hoping the lands would be an April fools joke)
    And finally, Deepmine was released May 31
    The pattern is a year and 2 or 3 months.

    If anything, next land set will be around August or September of 2018.
  5. I assure you after Black Friday, they'll want more lands to make more money ASAP. But everyone can speculate. We all know this isn't the end of lands. 
  6. Still inclined to pay but absolutely not tempted to pay and quicken my growth if I only go from 10% BC to 20% BC
  7. It don't matter when lands come out

    The point is the land do come out the game keeps growing to keep current players

    While the tutorial never changes, no one knows how to play and quit within 2 days

    I still don't know how to play I been here for years

    I'm glad new lands are coming I don't care if they come everyday

    Kaw security, you'll be here forever and never get anywhere

    Just kill time and tap
  8. It's not just new lands. It's a series of errors that killed much of what made this game so fun and popular early on. In particular pvp has been largely destroyed and make no mistake...that's by design.

    It's new lands, huge event focus, nonstop events now. This "perfect storm" has driven the majority of players I know, not just in osw clans by the way, to lose their joy in the game.

    Loss of joy and dev failure to provide what customers do enjoy and have asked a recipe for a failed app. It's not a matter of if but when imo. So far it hasn't really hurt ATA as many continued to pay to grow etc due to the social aspect of the game. My feeling is these new lands may have created a groundswell of discontent that has been building for quite some time. This may just be the straw that finally breaks the camels back. "When" may be sooner than the devs would ever imagine.
  9. Really, the new lands are probably the only thing that's keeping the wheels turning. I can't ever imagine myself continuing with this game it in its current state.

    I want to be relevant like everyone else who plays this, but adding unrealistic goals without providing the means to obtain them? Low blow.
  10. I'll still play, but first I think I'm just going to drink a beer
  11. Tbh chaos is just salty
  12. Still playing...
  13. Player retention is going to be so tough. devs need to help their case by doing some of the following:

    1. Increase base event rewards by 5x for smaller accounta
    2. Give incoming accounts all HLBC at minimum.(Im sure by now people can suck it up and be ok w/that)
    3. Nerf costs of lower lands
    4. Bring back updated war system/competitiveness. Make wars pay out like 3/4 of hte
    5. Lay the building tokens on us, and fast!
  14. Probably gonna quit been logging in less and less recently shame had a good 5 nearly 6 years of enjoyment from the game made some friends along the way but sadly I think it is way past its best and if u ain't dumping  loads of money into the game your gonna be left well behind
  15. I honestly don't get why people care so much, like, is this your entire life?

    I feel like devs have only pleasured the spending lbs the last few years, but do I really care? No. It's just a goddamn video game. I have accepted i will never bc, I just play this game because it's fun and I like seeing myself grow, even though it's slow af without paying.

    Imo devs are killing the game with updates that only pleasure the minority, but hey who am I to care. I'll look for sth else if it dies.

    Long story short, if you don't like the game anymore then quit spending or quit the game entirely. The fact that yall are so mad about a video game, as if itcontrols your whole life, is quite sad to me. Just play the damn game and enjoy the things that are fun
  16. I personally will keep with KAW,try GoW-fireage or CoC if you think this is a p2w app it's cheap compared to those,I deleted both of them.This app is still one of the best for meeting ppl and for those complaining about the new land n building cost a gold sink was called for and now we have it.
    The next Sveruganti eb would be nice to see or zta becoming a normal running eb not just weekends but there's still growth to be had it'll just take longer especially if you just open enough lands to move on to the next set.If your preference is wars with towers why complain about growth towers kill growth when starting out.
  17. Last I checked small players benefit hugely from the crestplates whereas bugs don't really. I do think more could be done to help smalls but they're doing more than people credit them for.
  18. We don't need ZTA as a normal eb. The premium ebs are the reason why ATA puts out new lands so frequently in the first place as a bad solution to combating gold over saturation.
  19. No, not inclined

    Nothing will change, the devs needed a gold sink and now we have one.
  20. I'm still playing, haven't spent money on this game and will continue with that as long as this game is here. I'm still having fun at my size, don't need to be bc to be hitting my enemies.