stealing gold glitch

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  1. Okay Poostain. I ignore the majority of your lies but from time to time, after you repeat them again and again, I sometimes feel the urge to respond. Lies repeated often enough begin to be believed eventually. Even dumb ones like yours. I’d hate for many to believe some of your favorites.

    Name your alts you say. It would take me too long to name all of the ones we have stripped much less every single one. And your new management system makes it a little more difficult to say precisely which are yours exclusively.

    And honestly we have been stripping them for so long I have forgotten the details of many. So let’s stick to more recent times as I don’t keep a journal of all of our strips and miss many while sleeping.

    Tatang, smiley, greg65, brotherking, 0000”bubbles”....all stripped. Recently cleared or nearly cleared tatang.

    Despite the vast number of statless allies your accounts hold, we continue to strip. Just like Damien a few days ago and completely dried.

    We continue to strip and dry your accounts while you claim yafi doesn’t strip. But while we continuously strip your accounts you continuously bank in bars, and unbank to volley to your large accounts. LOL What logic. You are too scared to keep gold out or buy decent allies. How many of your accounts have charms or allies with any stats? None and trash is the truth. Lol all of kaw knows you are too scared to ever let your allies show on main. The fear of that happening must be nearly unbearable for you.

    But I know you can’t help flap your gums with mass lies when butthurt. And you are extremely butthurt lately.
  2. Sinan another lie we both know you didn’t strip any of my alt.You just look on NAL roster and say you strip them. Look at them they have ally. I may say you attempted to strip one of my alt but bad tracking so I volley gold to Musang and waiting for next time you hire again. Thank you for supporting your local clown nub
  3. Strip me dry?
    I'd like to see you try 
    Maybe if you had spied with your little eye
    A helmet that had said bye
  4. Another musang post full of his tears... RIP IDD AND MUSANGS SANITY.
  5. Damien they strip you dried? Next time charge them double
  6. Nahm when you figure how to play this game it’s please don’t be shy to show up on my nf
  7. We will do it again and you can rhyme some more. We know what you won’t do. Hire anything other than trash allies. Get some skin in the game, do something more than fail a single steal, or shut up.
  8. Anyone notice Damien allies hidden since stripped
    Fanch hiding allies for years. Poostain hides 24/7...dang sure not just to war..if so why hide allies immediately after war....Poostain scared. And rightly so.
  9. I got a failed scout from Poostain  ...Watch he will comeback to forums crying ata cheating him out of gold 
  10. Remember when I figured out how to kill your beloved IDD?
  11. Wow can you stop lyingLook at my build and look at your build. Why would I scout you? I can easily plunder you . You should stop drinking that toilet juice. Your brain is rotten drinking toilet juice. Also stop offering nahm toilet juice. His brain is not stable enough to drink toilet juice.
  12. I lost a few brain cells reading this, whats your fetish with toilet juice? What even is a toilet juice, you’re a joke
  13. You are still crying losing all YAFAIL clans and your accounts. Amani will be happy when she comeback to see her account growth