stealing gold glitch

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  1. Let's not bully him to much. He has clearly tried to do his first strip in probably 3ish years. How could he possibly know about such a glitch
  2. Poostain is to dumb to realize his gold is not increasing because I’m stealing it  Poostain you to dumb to realize even when ya self pinning in fear non stop I’m stealing ya gold  but ya never figure out how to stop me  .... Poostain you should make a thread on forums that says how can I stop YAFI from stealing my gold even when I’m self pinning in fear on my favorite EB  An finding Poostain worshippers on fourms to believe you a bad ass 
  3. Musang has same steal badge or better than most of YAFI tbh, the better part including your cr1
  4. Awwww. Yafi trying to make a comeback? They sure are a mouthy bunch. Must be the ones that got banned going out and buying new phones
  5. Trying to make a comeback... says pure evil lmao
  6. At least our clan still exists. And we are still doing what we've always done. And it's cheaper for us since we didn't have to buy new devices to change our ip addresses
  7. Change ip addresses? Why would I do that
  8. Lol
  9. These poor sap has neber sin 3k in his life. Welfare checks only 500 bucks
  10. My quarterly tax bill is bigger than your annual salary, im eating eggs benedict for bfast whereas you’re happy with spam, fried egg and rice
  11. Ok Poostain I’m feeling sorry for ya An don’t want you to rage quit like twicc did  So I give ya little friendly advice ... Complicated OSW mechanics can be confusing to someone at first ... Especially to a EB princess like your self you should explore the game find other ways to play like finding the attack button  less crying in forums an way less ‘Gum Flapping ‘ when ya all butt hurt because we counting your gold ...and one more thang when you wake in the mornings An realize we striped a few of your alts an Took all the gold remember how ya got your nickname  The dark brown thick stain goes to the inside An to the back never wear the stain to the front mkay Poostain that’s your lesson for the day 
  12. Can you post the exact name of my alt you stripped?I think you are off your meds. My alts have more allies than you. They all junks tho I bet you can’t write a single name because your lie is no bound
  13. Remember dark brown stain to the back an inside 
  14. Let me explain again the stealing glitch. When I stole on alt. I had like a few million gold because I always bank in silver. I dump troops on eb and bank to silver. I start stealing one of DS. I noticed after three steals I earn no gold on steal. After three steals I should have 25 to 27 billion. But after three steals I only have the same gold few million. So steal again and noticed no gold earn. That’s why I think it’s not visual like support was telling me before. So this must be going on for a while and was not noticing much when you are stealing with gold out. You wouldn’t know this thing goa because you are an idiot and a liar.

    GoA please post here the name of my alt you strip?
  15. Poostain you so dumb I told you why you have no gold showing I’m stealing it  when you trying to self pin in fear with so many devices you can’t keep up  and I give up you just keep wearing the big wet brown stain to the front I don’t care 
  16. Anual salary? Whas that?
  17. Don’t steal when you are stripping mr pusang,because you will get 0 goldnoob age
  18. Why are Poostain fanboys always a bunch of small stat big mouth but never hit bozos? What do you exist for except all talk and no walk? You talk a lot but you’ve never actually done anything except get railed.
  19. Oh that sucks, i havent banked in silver in i cant remember when, my osw opponent never hits back so theres no need
  20. GOA I’m still waiting the name of my alt you strip for the last 6 years? You can’t name one. I think last time YAFALs strip someone was -IMF- alt and he was not even in war with you guys. You just bullied him because he refused you losers join his successful EE clan