stealing gold glitch

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  1. I think this glitch on stealing is migrating into droid. I usually see that when I’m stealing on iPads no gold showing. Now I start noticing into my droids tablets when stealing no gold showing. Does ATA doing anything to fix this glitch. I usually use troops on eb and stealing my enemies for gold. With this glitch how do I earn gold if it does not earn me any gold when stealing?
    Moderators please it’s been noticed this glitch for months. I send support this issue. I had a respond and says they are working on this glitch. Now this glitch migrated to droids and become annoying.
    ATA please fix this issue thank you
  2. Why are you always complaining about everything? Nag nag nag, ATA must think you’re their bored housewife
  3. The reason why you get 0 gold when you’re stealing is because your charms dont work anymore and you fail. Grow a bit more and aim lower, u cant hit the big guns anymore 
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  6. When I reported the gold from steals not showing up a year ago they (ATA) told me it was visual only.
  7. Lady it’s not visual. I was stealing from zero gold. There wa no gold on steal. I thought I was scouting. I realized I was stealing but no gold adding up
  8. I am trying to get Amani back in the game so she can have a big account when she come backI am not stealing on this account you nub. I’m stealing on my hansel. Troops on eb and skim steal on spy for gold
  9. Weird. I had this issue on iPhone and the first few hits of my steal bar would say 0 gold. I reported it at the time and that's what they said. I'll have to keep a eye on my iphone account and see what the deal is. I can not recall it happening on my android but I guess I wasnt looking for it.
  10. It’s happening on my tablet now. I usually see it only on idevices but now the glitch migrated to droid.
  11. First mistake I see on this thread is that we all know you don't actually hit people so how did you discover this glitch
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  13. I cant see whats eb running on other clan either on droid
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  18. Idiot when I’m stealing I should earn gold on success. It’s usually 11 billion on top steal. I usually skim steal not suicide spy like you idiot even failing still keep stealing  I bet you l learn that from goa
  19. Got check if your gold increase when you steal and shoe 0 will be surprise idiot
  20. Or you can ask the eb you are stealing what happened