Steal Glitch

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  1. I noticed on my new iOS device for over 3 months now. When I steal sometimes on success says no plunder gain. I never notice this glitch on droids. Does anyone have same issue on stealing with iOS?
  2. Think it’s a Common thing
  3. Pass go to collect 200
  4. I thought you may have been referring to the glitch where it says someone is DTW yet another person can steal from them. Not sure about this glitch. I haven’t noticed it. I’ll keep an eye out though.
  5. That’s intended it’s called build mechanics for different classes (hansel/hybrid/attack)
  6. It’s just a visual display error, you’re still gaining gold just won’t fit into the space allotted for the steal. I raised this concern to the devs a couple weeks ago and they said they working on a fix
  7. I didnt see any glitches so far, only problem i had was with conecting
  8. This is the same BS explanation devs gave for the equipment bfe glitch.

    And the devs stuck by their BS until a player went to the trouble to thoroughly test the glitch, prove beyond a doubt that it existed, and posted the evidence here in forums. Only then did the devs finally “figure out” the glitch and fix it.

    Devs have always been and will forever be, incompetent.