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  1. I would like to suggest to add a feature as a steal counter. This game core supposedly pvp war game. This means OSW, seasonal war, indi wars. Majority of big spenders mostly are OSW warriors. With new lands, new buildings, charms and furnitures. The game become unbalanced so some players find it harder to get successful actions. Towers getting higher and higher also and increases the fails on the attacker. Since OSW still one of the main reason for most to play. When OSW players strip and opponent it’s getting harder to get accurate count of how much gold taken. We used to count bars before to get a close estimate gold taken on opponent during the strip. I know we can get closer estimate by counting counting successful steal one at a time. Some player like me uses 2 devices to steal strip target. Hard for me to count every successful steal. I’m counting bars instead which not really reliable. One account can steal 80% or more and the other 60% or less because lack of bfa and charms. This is why I’m suggesting if devs kindly add a steal counter. During a strip we as players can start a steal counter. The counter only add each success until the strip target is up. Then clan members ss the counter and add all successful steal. I think this will get the accurate gold taken. This will also motivate players xtal to get more successful steal. I don’t know if this been suggested before. I’m hopeful this will be added feature. Anyone want to add on this suggestion please do so. Everyone is welcome to suggest to improve this game thanks.
  2. More like spoon feeding. Where is the fun there lol

    Counting actions and reporting in cc adds spices to it.

    You see your clanmate getting more actions in on than you at times. And in those times I'm not sure about others but I get the feeling to Crystal up and contribute more.

    Edit: it's a game for all. Considering the person who got stripped is also playing this game so😅 and there is an achievement in your profile and a actions count aswell😳
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  3. Next thing I assume you’d want is a gold counter too so you know when they are banked? Nahh no support there
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  4. Musang since your not a OSW player this should not concern you Flapping ya gums on Wc doesn’t make ya one...You to busy charm farming with ya 50 alts So just be happy tapping ya EB it’s all ya good at any how ...
  5. Lololololol

    This is a great and much needed thread. All of kaw knows how inept NA is at OSW in general and stripping in particular. No need to change mechanics or anything but this is a great place for generous souls to give Poostain and NA tips on OSW. Please everyone chip in and help give them a clue.

    Pleaee sticky this thread. NA is really really dumb and they will quickly forget all advice and soon be unable to find their way back here otherwise.

  6. Can we also add a counter where it shows how many times you talk to yourself using your own alts.
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  7. Just ss your battle stats (steals in particular) before and after strip, and calculate the difference when target is awake. That’s how I do it anyway. Tbh I thought it was a common practice among osw players lol
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  8. Musang is it not a Osw player he just likes to think he is 😂 he has no clue an will continue to do nothing more than flap his gums about something he has no clue about ... no support
  9. Musang this idea is just s bad as the idea you decided you wanted to attack YAFI that bit ya in the ass😏 we handed ya ass to ya which was so easy it’s pathetic you nothing but a joke I’d stay off fourms 😏
  10. You know that’s not accurate count when someone is trying to steal you and failing. The failed incoming get added to the steal stats.
  11. GOA you are an idiot. Remember 6 to 7 years ago when YAFI threaten NA. You told NA to CF with LOS because you are taking them as family. Then NA and Twicc responded. Told YAFAILS wait in there idiots. Let me take out my Viking helmet and I’ll screw those horn on your tight ass. Look at you now homeless and lost all your family. You guys are using secret as meatshield and our play toy😂. Sucks to be you
  12. All I remember is you ramble like a butt hurt 40 year old basement deweller that’s mad he has to hide his gold 24/7 or he will lose it 😏 now babble on there little man 🤣🤣
  13. You could just count them and work as a team. Your maths was usually off so I understand why you want this but takes the fun out of team work.
  14. Hmmmm!!!! I can smell your English butthurt on my screen with a whip of earl grey😂😂
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  15. Unless you’re being stripped while stripping I don’t see it being a problem. Even if you get some inc, it’s easier to count fails in your nf and deduct them later, than count hundreds of steals while stripping imo. I never had an issue with knowing exactly how many steals I put into target unless I forgot to ss my battle sts before I started strip. I’d rather devs fix some legit issue like purchasing additional ally slots, than add another feature that doesn’t fix any real problems
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