State of EE wars

Discussion in 'Wars' started by oG-KinGstyleZ, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. I like most only really play kaw for warring but a growing trend which I have seen for the past while has been the use of People casting PS builds with no allies.
    These people just cast and become active whenever they chose and more often than not are using their bars for scouting weak opponent builds to reach 60 actions then logging out.
    They do not really care about the outcome as they will either get 300 guaranteed item drops or get carried by the actives in their roster and get 600 items with minimal effort.
    The problem is that with the way match ups are if you have a spy heavy roster and most of them are scouting for actions and not actively assassinating opposing tanks.
    Now what I’m hoping for is a alternative to the current payout system to deter people from doing this as many EE wars are ruined by this.
  2. If PS builds could ko people without banking would be nice and couldn't get stripped in war would be even nicer other then that I try my best at warring PS
  3. I’ve always thought going back to the old system wouldn’t be too bad. A loss is a loss and no items should be rewarded, going back to the victory token or victory medallions and these two being the only way to get ranked on event lb will probably change a lot the “I get my actions and go inactive” exploit.