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  2. does this work?
  3. if 84k stat hansel makes like 80 mil max plunder how is it that when i was 540k hansel max plunder i only made 11 mil??

  4. Don't know if this was already addressed. I didn't read the past 17 pages. But:
    Any build containing any 1 balanced building gains the 26 attacks against an OSF.
    Any Build without any Balanced buildings gets only 24 attacks against an OSF (not 25)

    Also I say OSF because you will likely get fewer attacks off against an enemy with a Defense Score.
  5. Truz build isn't a serious build it's just my mix of buildings that I like.

  6. Its pretty sweet build.
    Mine is very similar:
    21 Circle of Elements : 3 Cursed Foundaries = Truz build
    22 Circle of Elements : 2 Stronghold of Shadows = Sexwulf build (pre-highlands)
  7. So, I just started two hours ago-ish I read most of your guide and I reset. I was wondering. At the beginning you say to build forges but you need to have 9 pieces of land first. Can u explain?

  8. Forges are a Tier2 building. The game will not let you build them until you have 9 or more lands.

    Ask for a volley in WC. Don't spend money on buildings - just buy land until you get the first 9 lands. Then you can start building decent buildings :)

    Then the Tier2 buildings will unlock (forged, Cathedrals, beastiaries).
    PS: Don't build forges. Old Method. Not good.
    Try this guide. Its pretty good.
    :arrow: Warriors Guide To A Lightning Fast BC by SexyWarrior69
  9. I have 25 forges and just bought my first land in the highlands. What kind of building should I buy?

  10. Guild Level 4 - You will need some spy defense and the plunder will be good for you too
  11. Who wants an update?
  12. Hey I'm new and could really use some tips on how to grow
  13. I have been silenced though so talk here

  14. I strongly recommend this thread to you:
  15. There is a fault in your guide, in the first section you say to build forges on your 2 open lands but you can only build forges when you have 9 lands, i would also build 1 beastery for 2 hits
    But for the rest is it a good starting guide
  16. Good guide I'm doing really well now because of you thanks.