Starting Guide

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  1. I have to ad the new update to it later ....
  2. Adding highland prices soon....
  3. Update: Land Prices :geek:
  4. Where did you get the 80 mil from 84 k stat hansel info?
  5. i think i asked someone....
  6. Cuz I have a 640 k hansel, and he makes 20 mil a hit.
  7. Good guide
  8. Thanks for the information I was wondering how high the highlands would cost looks like I need more money and better ways to make it back to the grind stone :)
  9. Nicely done, I was wondering if the new update restricts pwars, because the forfeit only gives a fraction of the attacker side's tax. Is this true 
  10. Thanks for the guide:) it's great! The costs for highlands really helped:)
  11. The update didn't mess them up they have always been like that.
  12. Thanks. This was really helpful.
  13. Your welcome , any time :)