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  1. No way you read the whole thing that fast. When I say read, I don't mean skim. I mean read it. Study every sentence, every word. Don't look at it with your eyes, look at it with your brain. Absorb every detail and store it away. Go back, and read it again.
  2. UR crazy....

    Have u had all UR sleep
  3. No... I'm not crazy. What makes you think I am. Tell me what i said for you to have concluded I'm crazy.
  4. That shows that have no idea.
  5. That you*
  6. To this guide truz ?
  7. Yes
  8. Well then I have to re-read :)
  9. Lol gj.....
  10. Goodnight truz. I must say, youre a man(I think) of very few words.
  11. Lol ghoomba
  12. On the defender achievement, you wrote "his" instead of "this" only typo I noticed. Nice addition  had to reread a few times more ;)
  13. Then dev's made a mistake 
  14. No, I rechecked. Truz, you made a copying error and didn't copy the first letter.