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  1. GREEN FTW 
    lolz how bout explaining what a war outside of war is
  2. I got just two comments to it.

    1.) Nice guide.

    2.) What about the "Truz Build"? lol :p
  3. Lol I use this guide mostly for the links :)-P) but it's still good
  4. They should go with caths gives more plunder
  5. Thx for this it's very helpful especially concerning buildings
  6. great job and I am a osf for my clan and we do pws a couple times a month for those members too small to attack outside of a war and I always give the tax to the clan converting to hansel the rest of the time to make my own gold. I will tell all my new members to read this forum. Again great job :)
  7. Hey Truz,
    Great guides from everyone, they all provide a lot of help for us n00bs here at KaW. I was wondering if I could get some help understanding the game myself. I've been playing for a few days now and I got some of the swing, I just could use some help, like help finding a real clan, or a basic understanding of how to play( apparently I've been farming the begeezus out of people and didn't know it was taboo), or even let me know how I'm doing so far stat wise as these numbers don't have any meaning to me.
  8. Sorry hit post by accident. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Ty

    ~Lord Blackwood~
  9. Wish i had read somethong like this when I first started playing kaw. I wasted alot of loot.
  10. Thanks
    But could you try helping me
  11. can someone please be my tutor? i dont know how to play this game. i am looking for a new online game and hope this one will be good for me. thank you in advance
  12. Well it seems you have come to the wrong place...
  13. Updated!

    Added underlines, color and minor fixes.


  14. Added Truz build - Color coated topics
  15. I like the guide Truz.....

    It is good for newer players

    It could use a little more info....but You tried I'm sure....

    I would give a .....

  16. Look at gou acting like an expert little guide maker now...