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  1. Wow how to make 10 of billion to explor highlang??
  2. Sorry the they didn't have locked buildings when I made this guide.
  3. U rote for HL prices,

    Skipped 5 lol but the price was correct
  4. Umm, two pieces of non-constructive criticism :p you can't build forges on your lands until you've unlocked 9 (I think) lands. The highland price numbers go 1, 2, 3, 3, 4 xP other than that it's an awesome guide :) will point newbs in the direction of this thread
  5. Ooh, also, the epic battling will encourage a hybrid build so there should be info soon (if not already) on that topic.
  6. What is spy farming
  7. Many many thanks provide this reference. Got a better picture on KaW
  8. I will add the epic battle info next weekend thanks :)
  9. Nice guide. Oh and remember me?
  10. How do you create a topic? Wall me!
  11. How do you create a topic? Wall me!
  12. I believe it's 42 not 44
  13. Hm? ^

    Sorry guys I've been caught up playing minecraft 
  14. I've found that a good build ( for the war banners ) is 1 defensive tower 1 spy tower 1 balanced build and the rest attacks
  15. Awsome guide , thanx