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  1. First guide - Explaining basics and how to grow :D
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    Here we go


    Table Of Contents
    > The Beginning
    > Behavior
    > Socializing
    > Upgrading
    > Builds
    > Epic Battles
    > Harrasment
    > Questing
    > Land Prices (Includes HIghlands)

    In The Beginning
    Corinthian's FAQ

    OK so you just got your Kingdoms At War application and finished the tutorial. Now you are starting your quest to purchase all of the lands in your kingdom with the strongest buildings. First off, instead of spamming wc (world chat) or the forums you should apply to a clan who will help you. I myself am a clan owner and trust me you will get stronger. Once you are in a clan they might volley you a little. (volley:hire you multiple times very fast) When you get that volley money build forges on your two lands then buy the next and build another forge and so on. I really dont suggest going spy but i will make another section for it. Usually asking for a volley doesn't go over well with other clan members. Or the members of world chat. Now that your in a clan and growing lets move on to behavior.

    Rules topic

    As a Kingdoms at War player you must read the Terms of Service or the help button on your iPod. The Terms of Use states the rules you are expected to follow. Any violations of the Terms of Use may result in a ban or other form of punishment. A few things that you should and should't do are...

    CAN DO
    -Be helpful to other players.
    -Take part in the forums.
    -Be talkative on clan chat.
    -Make good freinds!
    -Mostly everything positive :)

    -Rude Behavior
    -Bypassing the filter (using numbers or spaces to make foul language visual)
    -anything against the Terms of Use
    -Refferal Codes removed-

    -If you spam world chat with "Hire me" or "Volley me" there is a 99% chance that's not going to happen so forget about it.
    -Spammers are often ignored and or farmed

    If you really want to be successful at the game then don't be annoying :|


    Socialization is one of the most fun and important aspects of the game. When starting out the best way to socialize is with your clan mates. Actively participate in clan chat! Once you have become good at talking with people you can move on to the forums and begin talking with fellow forumers. By clicking the active topics you can see what is trending among the community. In my personal experience have have made some friends and have some great memories I will never forget! Socializing is what keeps people around, it is the main reason why I personally play the game!

    Tips for Socializing

    1. Always be kind to others
    2. Create interesting topics on the forums
    3. Never act better than anyone, you will be shot down immediately
    4. Connect to fellow players with your experiences
    5. Don't be afraid to ask questions

    Lets move on to upgrading

    OMET's Build Guide
    Tmh's Guide
    Dillybar's Building Guide

    Now that you understand the basics and behavior rules we can start learning about upgrading your kingdom! The most popular build is an attack with subs or forges ( See Dillybar's Build Guide)Depending on if you are an attack or spy build read the categories below.


    If you are an attack build you willl want to read this category. To upgrade your buildings and kingdom you must earn some money and here are some tims for that :D

    -Join a clan with an osf (open spy farm)
    -Join a clan that runs Epic Battles appropriate for your stats.
    -Max out your ally plunder bonus (see tmh's guide)
    -Attack from the battle list if your atttack is higher than their defense.
    -Trade in nobility from the app store for money at the oracle.
    -With that money go to your kingdom and build /or save up for a forge/war cathedral/beastery.

    Continue to expand your kingdom and grow your stats :D


    If you are spy or hansel build read here! If you are unaware what a hansel build is. It is a build that is constructed of all guilds and one even stat building such as a Beastiary or a War Aviary. If you are a pure spy build now i suggest selling one guild and building an attack building and hiring lots of allies so you get lots of plunder bonus from them. I do know that an 84k stat hansel build makes 80 mil with max plunser bonus all from that one attack building. :D
    Then your spies still make you your normal money. If you are switching over to a spy or hansel build i suggest changing buildings one at a time. You can earn money from your spies from an open attack farm (OAF) and earn your troop money from an open spy farm (OSF)
    Currently the new trend is hitting Epic Battles so participate in your clans EB to earn more gold!

    The Hybrid Build

    The Hybrid build consists of half your buildings being attack and the other half being spy.
    For Example if you are on the lowlands you may have 12 Guilds and 12 Aviaries.
    Once you have purchased all of the lands you will have either 25 Spy Buildings / 24 Attack Buildings
    Or you will have 24 Spy Buildings / 25 Attack

    Wulf's Epic Battle Guide

    This space is reserved for the work in progress epic battle section, this will replace the plunder war section since plunder wars have been removed


    This topic has come up recently so i want to go over this with you guys. Just to make things clear farming is NOT harrasment. Harrasment includes threatining your friends, family etc. It also includes threatining to do anything to you outside of KingdomsAtWar. ~Truz

    Quest Guide

    Mastering the quests takes alot of time and patience. Questing provides a small amount of money when you are victorious but it offers rewards such as health crystals and bonus money when you complete a certain set of them. It is nearly impossible to do all of them until you land complete but you can try. Questing also is a quick way to self pin yourself from attackers so they cant steal your money. To go more in detail please click the quest guide above.

    Land Prices

    1- Free- Castle
    2- 1,000- workshop, barracks, or stables.
    3- 1,000- Guild
    4- 5,000
    5- 30,000
    6- 150,000
    7- 300,000
    8- 750,000
    9- 1,500,000
    10- 2,500,000
    11- 3,500,000
    12- 5,000,000
    13- 10,000,000
    14- 20,000,000
    15- 60,000,000
    16- 100,000,000
    17- 200,000,000
    18- 300,000,000
    19- 600,000,000
    20- 900,000,000
    21- 1,200,000,000
    22- 1,500,000,000
    23- 1,800,000,000
    24- 2,100,000,000
    25- 3,000,000,000

    Highland Prices
    _Donkey's Thread

    1. 3,000,000,000
    2. 3,500,000,000
    3. 4,000,000,000
    3. 4,500,000,000
    4. 9,000,000,000

    6. 11,000,000,000
    7. 13,000,000,000
    8. 15,000,000,000
    9. 17,000,000,000
    10. 20,000,000,000

    11. 25,000,000,000
    12. 30,000,000,000
    13. 40,000,000,000
    14. 70,000,000,000
    15. 80,000,000,000

    16. 90,000,000,000
    17. 110,000,000,000
    18. 115,000,000,000
    19. 120,000,000,000
    20. 140,000,000,000

    21. 160,000,000,000
    22. 185,000,000,000
    23. 210,000,000,000
    24. 250,000,000,000
    25. 300,000,000,000

    If you have any other questions post below please :)

    I WILL be adding more topics to this guide all the time so look out for lots more topics!!!!
    Special Thanks to : Benny, DillyBar, Corinthian, tmh, fans/support and Chad_Dinubilo

    Valuable Help From: MissMelon & Lovely

    Post topic suggestions below. :)
    Comments/Critisism/Corrections Below

    Other Great Guides!

    Slayer's Updated Handbook


    * reminder to check back often for new topics!!!!*
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