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  1. Thanks for all of your ideas and feedback!
  2. Support however it does seems a little unfair for mods/VKs to stay in that clan their job is to help maintain kaw balance and answer questions not be there to babysits new account , cause let's be honest they are players like us that do wants to grow participate in EE, there will need to be incentive for them(mods and VKs)
  3. @TirMicDolh that's true .

    Maybe the devs can have a 'training programme' for people who wants to be the teachers. If they pass the training , they can be the teachers .We can name it the Teachwrs Academy . If they fail , they can retry again . If the teachers who passed the training did not help the newbies , they will not be able to be teachers and will be kicked out of the Teachers Academy . To recognize teachers , they will receive a badge upon passing the programme . If mods or VKs want to volunteer , they can supervise the teachers and make sure they teach the newbies correctly . On the other hand , they can also teach the teachers/newbies . Mods or VKs can go through a Supervisor Training . They will be given the power to remove a teacher's badge if they think that he/she did not do a proper job.
    Mods and VKs should not abuse this power . If they do , devs will decide the consequences .
  4. Teachers who have done a great job will be recognized by the supervisors .teachers can also prove themselve worthy of being a supervisor . Supervisors can send a request to the devs to invite these teachers for the Supervisor training . This will ensure more Supervisors and there will be no lack of supervisors .

    We can also add in a best teacher award and best supervisor award . They will be given a badge / special equipment / mith / cystals .
    Teachers/Supervisors who did not receive this award can get a minor consultation for their hard work . This will also encourage more players to join the academy .
  5.  Wonderful ideas everyone!
  6. My idea on which EB's to run would be this:
    All the teachers will ask in cc which one do to. (OPTIONAL)
    A teacher will start a vote for an EB.
    All teachers will then vote on which EB to do next.
    The vote should start when the current eb has just started.
  7. I like it :) simple, effective and pretty helpful
  8. I like the idea…it will rid kaW of inactives…
  9. It's a pretty efficient method, i would love to see this in the kawmunity. :)
  10. I like this idea, I only read a couple pages but let me put it out there.

    I would not mind being a teacher, making gold in this game is not about everything. I love helping others, its just what I do. I could stay this size forever and it wouldn't bother me. Not kn the slightest. So if yall are stupid enough to think growing is everything then you need to wake up.
  11. Like it 
  12. Suport
    I to have been noob training and hate inactive alts
  13. Support great ideas
  14. Great IdeaSupport
  15. Terrific idea, I read this when you first posted it but I guess I never posted :/