Starfall: Rush for the Shards

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 21, 2014.

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  1. It would still need to factor in the item count of the attacker, they can't lose what they don't have.
    The formula would need to include the ratio of what the defender could win if attacking back, but I don't want to over-complicate the post. Haha.
    But I don't think it would be any more exploitable than the current system was as far as farming alts go.

    It would actually benefit spy builds in my opinion, as I failed most of my steal attempts on spy builds.
    I actually would have had to steal them less if I had a chance at losing shards on my steal.
    Not to mention I would fail steal if I needed a quick self-pin.
  2. Next PvP hunt needs a mechanic where you can bank your earnings once a day.
  3. So how to use the Spectral Lantern?
  4. U can bank anytime already unless ur suggesting botting n cheating
  5. not sure if anyone mentioned it but, thank you devs for a system where scouting doesn't trump attacking and stealing.

    it was nice to not be beatdown by an action that honestly, makes no sense.

    like, is spy killing scouts a thing?
  6. I was too scared to post here during event, lest I take even more Inc than I already was, just wanted to say best event I've participated in. Aside from a few tweaks I think it was perfect. Tightened hit restrictions would be nice, I was able to hit down to around 3 or 4mcs and felt pretty bad for doing so, but I was shown no mercy, so in return I showed none. Maybe shortening even more than a week. I know I got next to no sleep,when I did, I woke thousands of shards lighter. Overall very fun and looking forward to the next pvp event. Thank you for not making us opt in, though I'm sure that will be the protocol next time. I'm glad everyone had to face the fact this is a war game, even if only for a day or two. Keep up the good work :)
  7. support^ one bank allowance a day would have been a nice addition to this event. then you could sleep without fear of losing all shards lol great event though. thanks devs.
  8. Although I get your point, I lost on avg 400 shards a night, the reality is that it would only cause the threshold for success to be higher. I think the best idea would be to give e everyone 24-48 hours to opt out, after that you are locked in for the long haul.

    Also it would have been better for the spells to last a bit longer, they are the same price as a seal and that can last 5-6 hours if ran rite. I recommend 2-3 hrs on a wild note..maybe take away dtw for the event so it does not turn into a turtle system
  9. I got over 500 shards and my equip doest not give 1% PvP bonus. I've sent feedback, and no response.
  10. Yet somehow you only have 250 achievement... Also have you tried upgrading your equip? That might be a good start
  11. PvP is a form of war n PvP is 24/7.
    War or opt out instead of amnesty if asleep.
    Other option is have clannies pin u n save the shards for them at least as do organized clans.
  13. The first and best pvp event
  14. why would you bring this back?
    old thread.
  15. was fun until the opt out was added. KaW was complete chaos.
  16. :cry:
  17. Perhaps to raise awareness that the devs actually did do a pvp event before

  18. Or because he hopes posting outdated stuff and necro bumping threads will make himself relevant.
  19. Oh look, the PvP event i got top 10 on.
  20. I thought it was a new event and immediately went and tested it out on my BL 
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