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  1. Hey hey hey.. nowhere in my previous post did I insinuate Rey in bikini..

    Disney actually acknowledged that something like a barve like that happened and that they will bring back the badass bounty hunter
  2. The last saga movie did lack in bounty hunters ... plenty in Maz's water hole but none of them seen in action. Would love to see a Mandolorian brought back into a movie.
  3. Obi-Wan spin off movie with Ewan McGregor is all I want. Don't care about Darth Maul, Boba or Han. I JUST WANT SOME LOVE FOR THE PREQUELS ERA TO BE SHOWN.
  4. He's always been a gray/dark Jedi anyway tbh.
  5. All the star wars titles form a sentence

    Figure it out
  6. Obvious troll is obvious. Don't take the bait.
  7. Young solo how he teamed up with chewy and with the famous millennium falcons carillion run!
  8. I vote for a Ventress movie please
  9. There's already a Transformers movie, dear.
  10. Har har har. Very clever.

    For reals though.
    Ventress movie 
  11. Hahahaha
  12. A rise of the Sith movie would be legit!
  13. Folks noticed that when you put the titles of Episode VII and Episode VIII together, you get a complete, grammatically correct sentence:

    “The Force Awakens the Last Jedi.”

    Maybe the next movie will be called

    The force awakens
    The last Jedi
    From the ashes
  14. Yeah, I've heard fans complaining that the next title is a phrase used in the previous movie's opening text. Wonder if they will keep that routine for the last movie title
  15. In Empire Strikes Back, (The second of the trilogy), Luke, and us the audience, got a shock with "Luke... I'm your Father"

    In The Last Jedi, (The second of the current series), Luke, will get another shock again.. only this time it's..

    "Luke... Ur my Daddy"
  17. well she was gonna partly be in the bounty hunter game that Disney cancelled, along with the alpha version of Battlefront 3 :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
  18. Something something the force

    Something something the dark side