Stanley cup finals

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  2. Pens can suck on a big fat one.
  3. Hockey is still going?

  4. Late edit, are the Leafs playing?
  5. Pittsburgh vs San Jose
  6. Mmmmmm Joe Thorton deserves a cup.. But Sid the Kid does too, who knows how many more seasons he has in him..

    Congratulations, you've swayed me with your words..

    Go Pen!!..

    Pen is going to win
  7. Hell yeah they're going to win. The hockey gods don't like teams that live in parts of the world where it is to warm to play hockey outdoors.
  8. Who's Stanley? And why are they giving his cup away?
  9. That's "sir" Stanley to you, heathen.
  10. I thought it was "Lord" Stanley..
  11. Crosby is a tampon
  12. Blues came close but couldn't finish!!! Knocked off the Hawks and stars though!! Go blues!!!
  13. Let's go Pens!!!!!!!!!!

    Probably gonna be at every home game ?
  14. Hockey is still a sport?
  15. Cosby*

    Got you fam
  16. Both teams don't deserve the cup.
    Hockey ain't hockey without at least 1 Canadian team.

    Also, they removed Ice Hockey from the olympics. :(
    Opinions on that?^
  17. Better than American Football.
  18. Who the hell told you that? They still have hockey in the Olympus.

    And there are 15 Canadians on the Penguins roster. So just cheer for them instead!

  19. Good point.

    Hockey Might not be in 2018 Olympics ... -olympics/