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  1. We gots a hater </3 :(
  2. He's jealous cos no one love him
  3. Love you both
  4. I totally read all of that....5 times as well...

    Was really meaningful and stuff. Was crying the whole time. Jackson found his bae.

    Before now, this be jackson..

  5. Love both my Fiancé's ??
  6. Are you Mods stupid? You forum ban me for "Inappropriate content" (Which I 100% agree with) but you don't even delete the op? Are you high?
  7. They can't delete the op from the game sadly.
  8. When you're 12 and you have too much time because it's still the summer holidays.
  9. Why is forums so full of garbage like this
  10. That's too accurate.
  11. Yes they can delete threads.
  12. Snoopy was referring to the Original Poster, not the Original Post.
  13. Ohhh. I can't believe I didn't get that -_-
  14. SPOT ON! Can't wait for the little children to get back to where they belong- Off KAW.
  15. Pffft this game is 9+. What are you gonna do you pathetic idiots?
  16. /lock this mods...
    I've already expressed my love for sr_sneakbo <3
  17. As requested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.