Spy defense towers

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  1. Even though I'm a bug spy I've been thinking the spy defense towers are not enough they work only tit for tat against a guild.

    A level 1 spy defense tower 150 defense level 1 guild 150 spy att and def

    level 2 900 vs 900/900

    level 3 5400 vs 5400/5400

    Granted the guilds cost alot more to get to level3 but I think the spy defense towers should be 1/3 stronger like:

    level1= 200 defense
    level2= 1200
    level3= 7200

    at least this way someone would have yo have more than 1 guild per tower of equal level to overpower the defenses. What do u guys think ?
  2. I think thats good but whats the lvl 3 spy tower price again? It would balance for the warriors
  3. Lol there's already a not so dead thread on towers but yes lookouts need a buff defence towers are fine
  4. Agreed regular defense towers are just fine im looking at only the spy defense towers.
  5. Dead fail post is back again! This threa idea came true
  6. They don't go weak and for spy def that's pretty dang powerful.
  7. Nyn, this is from a year ago. The stealth guy was stupid enough to bump it >.>
  8. Just saw October ... But the balance hasn't changed. Spy towers r still same def stats as guilds while troop def towers are higher than circles ... but to me this makes sense.
  9. LOL Stealth your ridiculous!!! I was thinkin like what the hell no wonder people say towers suck lol. But they changed those stats for towers didn't they?? I wouldn't know I've never had one lol. See ya in CC stealth...
  10. Hehe! It worked!

    Btw there's another awesome spy guide here