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  1. As a BC Spy a hansel I give no support Matt lol. I like my gold. It makes up for the terrible match ups in war and lack of EE :(
  2. Obviously not my main lol. I'm Patman :)
  3. Lol i make more gold than an atk build with 30-50m cs more than me, it's ridiculous. But don't worry OP, devs won't give a crap about your opinion, they never do :)

  4. I don't support this. We are easy to strip and attack. We fail on big tier epic battles. I think if you was to skim it would be even.

    However I have noticed many people changing build. If everyone was Spy build epic battles would fail.

    Maybe a less of a plunder drop per hit could work but then spys would say the same thing about steals.

    I notice your towers killing your plunder too I have 4 sdt on abyss that's not such a bad loss sdt/adt are a sacrifice that you choose.

    Also I don't unload my spies to zero. I will skim them mostly. When I don't you notice a massive difference.
  5. I'm not sure why you people are having such a hard time getting through 12m sdt that's kind of pathetic lol I don't even use pots and I'll lose maybe 2-3 stls per fb on that
  6. If were complaining, I want to complain about the terrible payout from steals in proportion to how much of your % you use, it's ridiculous!

    @wolfie, I love how that's the only part of my response that you responded to lol.
  7. Attack builds would make a lot more if they didn't have 40 mil in towers usually, most hansels have next to no towers, so you can't properly compare
  8. in trains with towerless atk builds/hybrids I still make 500b-1t more per eb....they have ee I dont
  9. Wish I was a spy build
    kaw devs I want my fake gold back so I can change to spy
  10. Ofc spys make more on ebs. It's not towers on att builds, it's that spy builds add to troop plunder and not vice versa. Complain all you want it's been this way a long time. I don't like it either, but what should devs do? Make all plunder equal regardless of build/stats? The huge hansel making that insane plunder put in the effort to get there. Nothing stopping us from doing the same. And yes this is my main and no obviously not a spy lol.
  11. Great thread OP ...drawing out all these new hansel targets is brilliance. Let me know if you need help 

  12. It's like several people have said before different builds have different advantages. This acct is small ...if I att at the top of my hit range (non event PvP/OSW) I make almost 400mil 1st hit

    ...more then ZTA 
  13. /remove towers

    /plunder increase