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  1. Why do spy builds earn so much more plunder in EB's over attack builds ?

    Can developers even things up a bit ?

    If not everyone will change build.

    Support or not.
  2. no support you live with pros and con's of every build if you hate it that much change it
  3. Obviously a spy build ^^^^^
  4. Lol
  5. Just change build man. No need to complain :)
  6. Given your equip, I would expect you to know why Tbh, but just in case you're not the one that won that equipment, each build has bonuses and consequences, a consequence to spy builds... They're generally attackable by pretty much anyone.
  7. support. u can sp in war and hv tons of power due to ur spies. as well as u arent even seen when u success in spy actions. thus spies have advantage in war and in eb due to their huge plunder.
  8. Spies do not have advantage in war lol
  9. I might just add on that originally spy builds originally weren't so great for plunder on ebs unless you had lots in bfa due to you needing to use attack pots to hit successfully. With the introduction of equipment that changed a lot which led to the huge increase in players going hansel.

    Personally I agree spies do earn more but it does have its disadvantages especially on ebs such as ASOF and LOTL where a lot of attacking power is required. When the new eb comes out that is due to follow LOTL I imagine a lot of spy builds won't be able to even touch it with their troops if it's made to be difficult for even attack based builds.
  10. I agree with Matty on this. There should be not so much of a gap, else eventually it will be kingdoms at spy. More and more are converting -- and all that say LoTL and higher ebs need more attack power, this is true, but the gap is beyond huge.

  11. ...you havent changed yours? Wait until black friday and change build when buildings are 75% refund
  12. No support Matty  change ur build lol.. That's the jaw build mechanism.. If u want more plunder, change to spy build
  13. is this warrior game or spy game?
    why should spy builds have more advantage than attacks?
  14. you do realize tanks dominate ee right? there's pros and con's to each....though I kinda see with these new lands tanks are pretty useless unless you put up like 15sdt in the new lands lol
  15. Support.

    Plunder is very unbalanced and I have no idea why any player would have done a single troop building upgrade since Abyss.

    Not surprised, however. Unbalanced play and incentives to optimize builds for botting is kind of the devs modus operandi.
  16. Spy builds don't make more plunder.
    Attack builds make significantly more plunder per hit.
    Try skim hitting.
    Spies can't do this.
    If both builds are equal, approximate ranking is similar, or both BC accounts, you can skim with attack and make a LOT more than spies.

    If you're just dumping your entire load (no pun intended) on the EB, you are 1, being lazy, 2 missing a huge opportunity, 3, have a build that will make more than any spy, but will acquire more attention to the game .
  17. Incorrect btw hansels make a ton more
  18. 1st: The plunder is high with the right stats on the right lands.

    2nd: my skim and ATT skim aint the same

    3rd: we dump troops on xtals like they dont even matter (in ee)

    4th: dont use spies on eb. Duh? Right?

    5th: #Hanselsince4thseason #theyjealous #misconceptions
  19. Everyone has a choice on build type for different reasons and advantages. If you think spy is the best build then then rebuild and become a hansel. Nobody told you you cannot be one.