Sprint Wars - Giving New Life to the Game

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  1. --- Sprint Wars ---
    (A way to get new player interest and get a restart to kaw energy!!)

    I am proposing a new idea called Sprint Wars. These would be high speed rapid fire wars that could be done at any time day or night. I have thought through the logic to try to focus on 3 underlying factors that are current problems of KAW:
    1) Increase Player Interest (New & Existing),
    2) Fairer Matchmaking, and
    3) time of involvement to effectively war.

    By reducing time of war and size of clan, fairer matchmaking and time of involvement can be achieved. However, I also outline additional tweaks that I think would make for a more effective matchmaking system.

    Section I: War Matchup Format Details:
    Duration of War: 30 Minutes
    Prep Time after Matchup: 5 Minutes
    Format: Individual (matched into clans of 5 man teams)
    Crystals: None
    Regen: System regen to 100% at time of Matchup (lock actions and allies at time of matchup)

    The war would be a unique short sprint with a few players in the clan. This would allow for better matchups and increase the ability for smaller/newer players to get into wars and gain interest in KAW. It would allow for players to war out of the gate.

    Section II: Matchmaking:
    Matchups would be focused to building category ranges (BFA off, BFE on) this would be to allow teams to be balanced and fair. See Section V for building category ranges explanation.

    Matchups would not occur at a specific time. They would instantly be added to the matchup queue. Meaning, each player would be placed in a clan as soon as you signup and while other users sign up and fill in the remaining spots. If a player is not matched to a full clan in 30 minutes (soon to be reduced to 15 minutes based on demand), the war is cancelled and the users are kicked out of the clan to allow for the next matchup.

    Signups would not be done by a spell, but by a button "Join Matchmaking for Sprint Wars", which could be placed on the clan info screen similar to the clan event notification.

    If you leave the event clan while matchmaking is occurring, you forfeit the ability to war in this format for 1 hour. (An autospell would cast named "Whimp Spell", which would prevent signups to the Sprint System)

    Clans would be visible upon matchup. Pre-matchup, the clans would not show any members other than the members in your clan. The enemy clan members would not be shown until matchup. The enemy clan would not be shown until matchup, it would show a “???” named clan name with the player spots being shown as filled as they are filled, but with “???” as the usernames on the list until both clans are filled.

    Section III: Sprint Wars Award System:
    Winning Team gets Team's Plunder Taken x10 as Bonus plus tiered Bonuses by Performance
    (Example: team total took 20B gold, Players 1,2,3,4, and 5 would get 200B gold Bonus and an additional 10B, 5B, 3B, 2B, and 1B by player, respectively, for winning. So the player on the winning team’s top plunderer would receive 210B bonus.)
    Mithril would be awarded exactly matching the mithril used by that user for both clans (this way no mithril is won or lost in the war). This is due to the format focusing more on the growth of the player than the growth of their equipment.

    Section IV: Inactivity Punishment
    Should you have less than 5 actions in a war, the "Damocles Spell" would autocast. Preventing warring for:
    1 offense = 1 day duration
    2 offenses = 1 week duration
    3 offenses = 1 month duration
    4 offenses = 3 month duration
    Similar to the "Whimp Spell", this would prevent you from signup. Offenses would aggregate over 1 month and expire after no offenses for 1 month.
    Notes for kaw devs – code logic: “Upon click on Join button, IF whimp spell = true or Damocles Spell = True, then Error: You are unable to signup for Sprints for another XX day(s)”

    Section V: Building Category Range Matchmaking:
    As we already have a tiered system for buildings, why the developers didn’t play off this in the beginning is beyond me.
    Tier 1: Barracks, Workshop, Stables, Guild Lvl 1 (Spy), Defensive Tower lvl 1, Lookout Tower lvl 1
    Tier 2: War Cathedral, Forge, Bestiary, Guild Lvl 2 (Spy), Defensive Tower lvl 2, Lookout Tower lvl 2
    Tier 3: Summoning Circle, Sub Factory, War Aviary, Guild Lvl 3 (Spy), Defensive Tower Lvl 3, Lookout Tower lvl 3
    Tier 4: Titans Lair, Cursed Foundry, Circle of Elementals, Guild Lvl 4 (Spy) Defensive Fortress , Lookout Fortress
    Tier 5: Torture Garden, Hatchery, Colony, SOS LVL 1-3, Volary (Spy), Aboreal Dungeon, Changeling Watchtower
    Tier 6: Rime Fortress, Blood Barracks, Elven Temple, Unkari Ice Tree (Spy), Red War Citadel, Descry Fasthold
    Tier 7: Sea Nymph Temple, Selachian Maw, Kraken Lair, Cult of Abyssal Eye (Spy), Undersea Keep, Beacon Tower

    Each Tier would have a point value assigned to the building in escalating fashion, with the lvl 3 having the same points as the lvl 1 of the subsequent level.
    Example for Attack Buidings:
    Workshop lvl 1 = 1 Pts
    Workshop lvl 2 = 2 Pts
    Workshop lvl 3 = 3 Pts
    Forge lvl 1 = 3 Pts
    Forge lvl 2 = 4 Pts
    Forge lvl 3 = 5 Pts
    Sub Factory lvl 1 = 5 Pts
    Sub Factory lvl 2 = 6 Pts
    Sub Factory lvl 3= 7 Pts

    Example for Spy Buildings:
    Guild lvl 1 = 1 Pts (Guilds would jump 2 points as the disparity between levels is a more than soldier buildings)
    Guild lvl 2 = 3 Pts
    Guild lvl 3 = 5 Pts
    Guild lvl 4 = 7 Pts
    SOS lvl 1 = 7 Pts
    SOS lvl 2 = 8 Pts
    SOS lvl 3 = 9 Pts

    A player’s total points would then be placed into a category. Categories would be grouped based on the first person into the clan as follows:
    Less than 250 Points – Within 25 Points High/Low
    Between 250 Points and 500 Points – Within 35 Points High/Low
    Between 500 Points and 750 Points – Within 50 Points High/Low

    Further Explanation (example Less than 250 Points):
    Any Players less than 250 Points, will be matched within 25 Points High or Low of themselves starting with the first person into matchmaking.
    Example: Say a purespy LLBC with 0 highlands signs up first. Their points value would be 24 buildings x 7 Points per lvl 4 guild = 168 points. Thus the players that could be matched into their clan or against their clan could be a max of 193 points or a minimum of 143 Points.
    Purpose: This would encourage players to not wait to signup and eliminate manipulation of rosters by encouraging early signup. It would also balance players to be facing players more closely built to themselves, whether they are attack, spy, ps, tower, or whatever, this would gear players more closely than the existing CS system, which is flawed in that the ranges are too wide for matching. Obviously, the points system isn’t perfect, but I believe that it is better than the existing cs range matching system and is easier to tweak than the CS system.

    For the devs/owners of Kaw,

    Given that the active player numbers are decreasing, this would give you the opportunity to launch an advertising message which would peak new player interest. You need something NEW to attract NEW players. I suspect that you already know this, but I estimate that each new active player that last longer than a month is probably worth $50 in revenue. Let’s say that 1 in 20 new players stay with the game long enough to see that month through. This means that each new player is worth $2.50.

    IF you can both increase new users and increase the % of players that stay with the game, would you do it?
    --- If my proposed sprint system works the way I think it will and you advertise it, you could be looking at approximately 100 more new players per hour (similar to the old days) and an increased likelihood of staying with the game. Let’s say that by introducing this format, the players sticking with the game changes from 1 in 20 to 1 in 10. (5% increase). 100 new players = $500 in revenue per hour (100/10*50).

    Wouldn’t it be better to make money off of just player increases than trying to throw out event after event and just hoping that the seal purchases and crystal purchases offset the costs to keep operating the game? New players and keeping existing player interest are worth more in the long-term.

  3. I'll support that.. It's actually a great idea
  4. Support nice work
  6. OP has bfe but no bfa, so he wants bfe on and bfa off.
    I guess op war w/o xtal, so he wants none xtal for this new war.

    lazy guys never want to make effects if they want to do ee. They just want devs make something to favor them.
  7. Frog incoming. And devs won't make this. They never listen
  8. Frog coming...

    And also I didn't read it all but it sounds good :)
  9. Great idea. Continuous matchmaking Indies will most likely never happen but thanks for the well thought out, high effort thread.
  10. The reasoning for no crystals is that you need to have a high demand event that truly costs nothing to play it in order to create demand. They would instead generate revenue off increase in player activity.

    Also, to respond to an earlier post, I would help the devs develop the code if they asked. I am here to try to bring life back to the game!
  11. Nice job skip. Support. 
  12. 30 minute war? Lol
  13. I think there should be two categories one with 30min war with no xtals and one with an hour war and xtals (of course there should be a benefit to using the xtal category)

    Also 210 bill is a crazy ammount maybe each player should get 1/5 plunder so if they win with 20bill plunder they get 4bill gold which would make sense since its only an hour.
  14. I think kingdoms at war should also have a commercial
  15. This. We have no advetising, and what's a game without a busty spokesperson?
  16. Support! These would be fast and fun so busy folks can pop on quick and play. Doesn't mean replace all wars I don't think. And players who can't afford xtls can still war. The have and the have nots should be given opportunities