Spragga, please have mercy! I beg you!

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by -ShadowAssassin-, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. It might be a joke....
    Not sure
  2. prolly but still a fail
  3. Yep I surrendered and that is a fail and these guys were supposedly stripped naked of allies by a guy with no allies and 1000 stats combined attack and defense and spy
  4. the guy is a noob!!
  5. 16 pages in 2 hrs is a win in anyones book. No fails here except the -30 points for fail trolling
  6. no they surrendered to a noob thats a fail lmao
  7. ( walls sprague to farm you )
    Haha what now?
    Duh-duh-dun.... Lol I wouldn't do that
  8. Dang spell check
  9. Epic win. I think it's safe to say that
  10. Lol I would not get spragga to farm you... I have no idea who he is
  11. hes a noob! lmao
  12. Lol that's why people surrendered?
  13. yeah cuz he aplarently is "almighty"
  14. Not to be disrespectful to almighty spragga but if he strip farmed all these people why doesn't he upgrade?
  15. Exactly! He hacked I heard
  16. He farms strips and drops. This kid is no joke.