Spragga, please have mercy! I beg you!

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  1. No... It is too late. Not eve sprague himself (along with his army or Unicorn-filled stables and flying castles) cannot restore kaw
  2. Bumped for "Spragga awareness day"
  3. How dis this get over 700 posts
  4. Spragga ur a noon
  6. I wish KaW_admin had said that...lol (insulted Spragga) ;)
  7. Lol this is so noobish
  8. Hmm...
    The ownage is strong with this one...
  9. No don't hail spragga
  10. Seriously? 74 pages of this? i thought i'd never see this thread again. I guess i was wrong.
  11. Spragga is just a scare story for new players
  12. Says somebody who has never encountered Spragga.
  13. You ever hear the bed intruder song?

    That's about spragga

    he's climbing in yo windows snatching your people up
  14. Is he back  I'm scared.
  15. The spragga with 400 attack is a fake. the real 1 changed his name. actually I take that back. SPRAGGA DOES NOT EXIST.