Spragga, please have mercy! I beg you!

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  1. I checked him out; I posted on his wall a few times about 2 days ago... I wasn't attacked
  2. Noob with no sense of humor probably a 6 year old.
  3. Nah I'm just Asian
  4. im asian too but not as stupid as u :p

    btw this threads funny lol... so's his wall xD
  5. @Antonio and Botan
    You have now become one with utter stupidity.
  6. the username "spragga" is a fake the devs changed the real one's name because eveyone was going crazy. No on knows his new name, he lurks in the deeps of KaW...
  7. [​IMG]
    I'm a god you dull creature and I will not be bullied by this "spragga"
  8. Phil.... Is... is.... alive? 
  9. Yea, he's in ironman 3
  10.  He never told me! The noobinater! 
  11. Am I stupid because I trolled him?
  12. You didn't troll him, you merely managed to piss off the single most deadly organism in the planet.
  13. That isn't the real spragga, once everyone made a big deal he probly changed his name. he probly got annoyed by everybody making a big deal
  14. Or maybe not
  15. This thread (the beginning at least) is fl of great forumers
  16. Spragga the one who can bring back wars to KaW
  17. What is spragga legend? Plz wall :/