Spragga, please have mercy! I beg you!

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by -ShadowAssassin-, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Me? Hiding behind you?

  2. Crap he took my allies then the gold I made from them!! *hides behind assassin*
  3. Everytime I get attacked by him, it says "You have lost the game."
  4. Crap I can't reset
  5. Jesus! After I posted his wall begging foregiveness, I left to eat dinner and came back to nothing 
  6. At least your food was still on the table!
    *hides behind random elephant
  7. Omg WTF 
    I went on his profile and my iphone froze! When I reebooted Ive been pinned and my allies stripped. How can someone have so much power?!

    And I thought Chuck Norris was BOSS

  9. C-a-p h- h-cked m- I-po- I c--t t-lk m-c-
  10. Yes he let me g-
  11. Lmao -- this thread practically poops out win!!

    Shadow -- wall me if spragga has you face-down/azz-up. Maybe I can muster a few suicidal heavyweights to fail at the gates of his epic 400k stats.
  12. he banned my walling abilities!
  13. I give up. I'm quitting the game. I hid behind some hippopotami and he still found me. I can't move. And he won't respond to my pleas. And I thought i was a decent player. This is my final goodbye
  14. I had to hire the guy..

    If I didnt he would have certainly strip farmed my whole clan.
  15. I'm almost force to reset but

    [​IMG] happened plz forgive me spragga for saying u'd noob talk me to death I'm so srry
  16. Omg thank u for buying him! He always farms his owner !
  17. Oh Ty peep who hired him
  18. He just farmed me so hard two of my t4's collapsed!!!
  19. I was told he'd only farm me a little everyday. Just keep giving him money and I can continue playing. Yay!!! I don't have to quit.