Spragga, please have mercy! I beg you!

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  1. Spragga has conquered kaw. He has destroyed us all without us knowing his 400 attack is deadlier than it appears. But thank god almighty, distance warned me of my(our) destruction. Not only is this a plea for mercy, but a plea to all of you to surrender! Surrender now, or forever perish! You must surrender on his wall now or forever be doomed! Laugh at me now, but I doubt you laugh once you find out.......
  2. He is too strong for me. He beat me down like i had no stats 
  3. He made me his woman! How can anyone be so strong??
  4. He made me his woman! How can anyone be so strong??
  5. :laughs: ?

  6. *Laughs very loudly*
  7. Noob talk....... Perhaps
  8. Spragga is kaw's finest warrior by far.
  9. Sure and majesty is not a player
  10. Lmao read my post on his wall
  11. Majesty may be famous and been #1 (maybe is I don't check) but that doesn't mean he's the finest warrior
  12. @ILK ye of little faith
  13. Man oh man oh man. He came at me like a tornado. Next thing I knew I was pinned. He stripped my allies and farmed me for weeks. This kids no joke. SUPER NOOB. I've cried on his wall and alas he continues his on slaughts against my kingdom. Will it ever end. Please oh please leave me be SPRAGGA I have bowed my weary head to you
  14. I even got on my knees
  15. What the hell? You guys are having problems too??? This punk has been farming me for days. No pots can stop him. :( he must have swabia's castle code.
  16. Lmao and my cave code
  17. Win thread is win.