Spies vs defence heavy troops

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by __Speedos__, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. I've been told that defence heavy troops earn more plunder on ebs than spies do.

    I've always thought spies earned the most plunder in kaw.

    So I'm asking the forums the simple question of which earns more plunder on ebs, spies or defence heavy troops?

    Happy kawing
  2. Defence heavy troop buildings earn more plunder than balanced or attack heavy troop buildings
  3. Spies earn more than Defence heavy troops I Guess?
  4. Any more opinions?
  5. If you skim, troops.

    If you unload completely and go do "real life" for an hour, spies.
  6. One thing I dont see pointed out enough in these threads is the fact that plunder per hit drops as you lose troops. With heavy spy builds (ps1/hansel) there is almost no plunder difference between first hit and last hit.

    I still am not sure how assn actions compare to atk actions for the end completion reward. But, it is obvious when you look at clans like zta-hte-wtf that spy builds make a ton more than attack builds. Look at that clans history and notice the different payouts in their EB history comparatively to said players build.
  7. More spies = more gold per hit. You also have a higher payout.

  8. Well isn't it bad then? I thought that if there's a small plunder range it means you can't be earning gold