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  1. If you really want to get a good algorithm you can probably look online.

    There's probably mathematicians who have already solved the most efficient methods of solving the cube.
  2. Do you start to develop a sense of intuition as you practice more and more?
  3. I'm stuck on f2l sadly, can't seem to understand it very well
  4. Yes and no, most of it is looking for pattern and muscle memory, intuitiveness does come but it can take a lil bit
  5. /lock mod please, I didn't exactly get what I want but I tried lol
  6. From recollection, isn't the Mayo the fastest one out?
    I don't recommend the smaller cube, and it will take a while to get used to using the cube or you may break it. Other than that it's faster and smoother than you'd ever wish for.
  7. I think my record is a minute 6, but that was using a crappy second hand cube I bought for like $2, and wasnt using the fastest method
  8. AVERAGING. A few of the solves in each AO12 have OLL or PLL skips. These scrambles are not WCA scrambles... AND THIS IS COMING FROM SOMEONE USING A RUBIK'S... Almost as bad as a V cube. LOL begginers method xD how cute
  9. Lol at least I'm being honest with my numbers. I could also say i average a 5.0 kd on CoD but it doesn't mean squat if the people im against have no thumbs.
  10. I m into speedcubing..
    My record is 42 seconds..
    The advanced F2L method is what i use...i have modified it a bit to my needs...
    The only way to get faster is improve hand action and reduce the number of turns required...

    I dunno anything about the names of the speedcubes
  11. Still means you have a kd of 5.0...
  12. try speedcubing with 1 hand and your other hand on your dingAling your be surprised how you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone
  13. I use my speedcubing skills to get through your girlfriends chastity belt
  14. Most speed cubes do fine mate, particularly if youre just getting into it.... My pb is 34 seconds with some speedcube I dont even know the name of... Getting right into the finicky details is mostly for people who compete and can do it in under 15 seconds
  15. Far out Blacky, never knew you were all around this **** mate!!
  16. Would be great if you sent the video here for us to see.