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  1. You used to be a merc
  2. I call it the snap and release..
  3. You can do it with your teeth
  4. Damn you're good. I've never even imagined that!
  5. It's even better when you get her friend to do it for you
  6. Umm.. A girl friend right?..
  7. Naw my Unicorn friend.. This is pimd forums isn't it??
  8. Gotta unhook it with your teeth to be legit. Oh wait were talkin about cubes not bras...
  9. Teeth are usually reserved for shredding condoms in a final act of defiance.
  10. OMG I thought I was the only speedcuber who plays Kaw. I use a dayan zanchi but may be upgrading soon. I actually average 6 seconds :) :D But yeah I advise the new Aolong GT
  11. This.
  12. Is speedcubing a race where you fall down a mountain... Holding a cube
  13. Lol not exactly
  14. It's much easier if you take the pieces apart and then glue them where they're supposed to be. 
  15. Peel the stickers off
  16. I've done this before. It's the only way I could make it right again 
  17. I can solve one side in 30 seconds. Dont ask me to slove the whole thing tho
  18. Ive got it down to 1min 30.
    If it's speed you're after, lube it up
  19. HAHAHA so your averaging on par, if not better, with the world record holder. At least try and make your lie semi believable. My average is 57ish seconds with beginners method and a rubiks 2.0 cube. I feel that's pretty good with beginners method but I'm planning on learning cfop next and getting a better cube.
  20. You can do it reb just need a bit of practice. Practice is all it takes