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  1. Speedcubing essentials?

    Sooo I recently got into Speedcubing and so I bought one! A Moyu Aolong V2..and I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about it or has one or even had one.

    1) Does it turn we'll?

    2)Is it worthwhile?

    3)is it a good beginner cube to start Speedcubing?

    4) Any useful tips on how to get faster?

    5) Do you like it?

    Trolls are welcome :lol:
  2. Well?*
    What the hell is speedcubing? Legit never heard of it.
  3. Uhmm Rubik's cube trying to solve it as fast as you can. I guess I assumed people knew what it was, sorry lol. And sorry about the well, my autocorrect hates that word for some reason
  4. Rubix cubes are super dope, and chicks dig speedcubers.. I assume that's why you got one?
  5. Actually no, at first I just wanted to solve it because I never was able to, so when I learned about all the algorithms that are involved I was super stoked so I did a lot of research and made my own way of solving it, now I want to get faster at solving it, sadly I can only solve it in 1 minute 45 seconds
  6. Well I'm sure all the speedcuber chicks would be stoked about you taking that long, all the other guys finish in like 15 seconds and junk..

    Good for you bud
  7. Lmao
  8. I don't care about getting chicks(as I'm engaged now), but my goal is currently 45seconds or less to start off with, I just need a good method to learn or else I'm not gonna get there
  9. I can solve one in 2 minutes

    if that counts as speedcubing
  10. i just learned how to...

    to fix the one i messed up when i was 3
  11. Lol mines a little less but when I looked it up, there are PLENTY of people who can solve it less than 30 seconds, made my time look trivial
  12. I tried speedcubing once. I do fine up until about 14 but then the numbers get big and I have to write them down to multiply it out, cubing is no joke man... Mega support!
  13. are you still talking about cubing? 
  14. Speedcube Skill Level = Master

    ...unhooking your date's Bra = Clueless..

    Watch and learn...


  15. I have never ever solved a rubix cube. Ever.
  16. "only" :shock:.
  17. Have you ever unhooked a bra with one hand?
  18. What exactly are YOU talking about?
  19. Is there any other way to do it? :?