special "upgrades" for speakers

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  1. would be kind of cool if during these events, there could be special rewards or quests where you could increase you're "daily speaker production" by X amount.

    For example : Collect 15,000 special event items and be rewarded with 100% more daily speakers for 7 days

    I know 15/day is a lot for some, but I love chatting in wc but always run out of speakers.
  2. Idea needs some tweaks but it could work.
  3. Won't happen. If it happens, devs will change it so hard that you won't even know that it was your idea.
  4. Tbh I talk in WC most days and have a load of speakers but would work for peoples who aren't as fortunate to of bought packs, support
  5. LMFAO
  6. Why not just get rid of need of speakers

  7. devs will never do that so why bother asking
  8. Why not just give them out as an event reward like crystals

    .... But still give us crystals
  9. Or we go back to 5 regen every 24 hrs like it used to be
  10. Because that would be stupid. Seriously, speakers as reward? There should not even be speakers at all! But unfortunately, KaW is filled with trolls. By suggesting ideas that could give us more ways to earn speakers, it would also help spammers. I think devs needs to prioritize on trolls in wc, not speakers.
  11. It's his idea to give bonus speaker regen percentages not mine

    I only suggested a easier way for coding purposes

    100 speakers at the end of event is not that bad of an idea

    People could use global announcements more often or just chat with friends

    Trolls in world chat is not really a problem, they starve if you don't feed them

    And until they violate TOU who cares