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  1. More Speakers! Yes 15 day for free is nice but I feel the 1 nobility per speaker is old and tiring. We all know that this game as fewer players and more alts so maybe we have more daily speakers allowed to up world chat conversation. The last few days I’ve been seeing more and more conversations and it’s wonderful! With more speakers this could be an even more prevalent thing! Brings the players together or even better even more fighting and war! Who knows! Will add a ton to the game and it’s just a simple change! So instead of 15 speakers a day let’s get 25 or maybe 30? I know ATA won’t throw away the money from people buying speakers but you always have to try! Thank y’all!
  2. More speakers would be nice, support
  3. Or change the price 3 speakers for 2 points
  4. The only issue I see is that a world announcement costs 26 speakers, which is why it cuts off at 25. So raising the speaker limit higher will mean more world announcements more likely and less actual conversations. It's not a guarantee that it WILL happen, but it's a possibility that it COULD. I would like to see more than 15 per day, but if they raise it to 30, then they'll have to increase the amount it takes to make a world announcement. That's just my take on it though.
  5. True and I don't pay attention to w.a but are there really that many usually I just see war stuff

  6. The world annocment is completely unused now. Maybe this will make this used more! Personally I only ever see who wins wars and when match ups are made. I feel this could only make this used more.
  7. I think the whole speaker system is ridiculous anyway. Whoever thought charging your player base to converse with each other in WORLD CHAT, was imo a very greedy individual. Too many times I’ve seen players engaged in pleasant conversation, only to end with, “outta speakers, laters wc”. Why should they have to pay $$ to continue their convo on a “free to play” app? Free to play, not to talk. At least not past the specified amount a day anyway. It’s antiquated and needs to go.
  8. If you are hot I’ll agree with you
  9. Easy, Tiger.
  10. Lol as if we didnt know devs were greedy af already.

    15 a day is alright. Better than the 5 a day it used to be lol. Any higher and like drgn said you may aswell just get rid of the whole speaker system at that point
  11. Nobody wants to hear from you anyways
  12. Then you’ll get more of me in wc. What a treat.
  13. I agree with drgn in all honesty, completely remove the speaker system


    Add another 2 more talk tabs (or 1) one for trading that costs speakers

    And one for clan advertisement that costs speakers

    Otherwise world CHAT would become World AD.
  14. I think the limit in Speakers is a way to avoid people spamming the world chat Announcement system. How many players still use it? Maybe upping the WA to 26 and allowing players 25 A day would work.
  15. 1. Remove speakers for normal WC use.
    2. Stop giving free speakers daily
    3. Make WC announcement banner look nicer and easier to read. Nobody uses it/ I never even read it.
    4. Continue charging speakers for WC announcement only.
    5. Introduce a spam blocker to prevent people from posting (X) amount of times in a row quickly in WC (no more than 3 posts/ 1min ish?)!Or just hope a mod is on lol.
  16. Ya get 5 speakers every hour on PIMD, y'all think that would work here?

    Edit: Is it every hour or every 30 minutes? something like that
  17. I think upping the speakers would be a great idea. Or even making speakers unlimited for wc, still having spaming rules and etc., maybe just let there be a charge to make world announcements, 1 nob = 1 speaker as of now, so just charge 25 nobs, or even reduce cost to 10 nobs to make a x amount of time world announcement.
  18. The only spam is statless alts. There is very little. That’s also why we have moderators to silence. The WA is already 26 and you have a limit of 25 free speakers. Only gaining 15 a day.

  19. So it is 26 :) I knew that! Never used it as a mod. I Never read WA to be fair.
  20. I say make it 100 a day 51 for WA and a every other day regen