Speakers for All - Desktop Players

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by sir__Chamito__bonbon, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Would be nice, that Clan owner, and Admins
    get some sort of speaker's a week..

    being on a PC and not getting any.. doesnt help..

    i want to be able to say hi on world chat too ;)

    please support us Desktop warriors..
  2. literally never happening. If they won't even provide events for pc players, why would they bother giving speakers.
  3. Won't happen, devs want to kill pc play, to much cheating using pc.
  4. Doubtful. They want you to play on your phone because you always have your phone, but not always your pc=more likely to get hooked and spend
  5. People have been asking for this since 2011. It hasn't happened yet so I wouldn't get your hopes up. The ways to play on PC are so few and far between anyway, I don't see them making anything pc-related a priority.
  6. Coding pc is so hard, app is so simple, devs are lazy, uninstall and buy a puppy
  7. You can buy speakers just fine. 1 speaker=1 nobility point. Cheap.
  8. $.10 just to speak in WC ?
    So a world announcement is $2.60 for pc users?
    Beep Boop
  9. You can do quests for nobility points.
  10. How about just eliminate speakers all together? I don't see the point in them. Let people talk. Those who abuse it will STILL get silenced.
  11. You're cancer for suggestioning that dumb arse way of getting nob. Why don't you quest to get 25 nob and tell us how easy it is if you think it's not that big a deal...
  12. Flash is being killed off in 2020. Pc version of KaW uses flash so they are just trying to weed out all of the pc players slowly rather then one day finding out they can no longer get on at all.
  13. I support The speaker freedom for PC Desktop users, We need To be Able To see them in WC, c'mon give some speakers every month To PC players... Let them recruit for their clans
  14. Never gonna happen.....just saying