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  1. Agree 100 percent
  2. I completely support this idea even though I don't really talk in wc, but if I could get more speakers I probably would become better friends with other KaW players in wc. 100% support Vampy!! 
  3. You talk too much vampy but i guess support, doesnt make a difference in kaw gameplay but its cool i guess... 
  4. Speakers should be dropped from PvP not ebs. To many eb noobs already we need some more PvP in this game
  5. Tl;Dr but know It's No Support from me, speakers from epic battles :thumbsdown 5 regen daily an 1nobility can barter 1 speaker an thank you kaw_everybody the present arrangements though I'm perm silence is an already fair system one must just buy bulk nobility an use the 9nobility left on speakers Win Win across the board
  6. Why does everyone try to make the game easier and more affordable for them? Gaming is expensive and it always has been, stop trying to come up with all these convoluted ideas to scab out of ever paying a penny

    If you don't like it you know where the ******* delete button is.
  7. Where is the delete button?
  8. support i like the idea realy but i also find they may not make diference between mobile made acc and pc made acc
  9. Yes I love you vampy

    But you already knew that 

    I mean who couldn't love me :p

    Anyways I want this I always see people I know in wc that I wanna speak to but can't cos I've used all my daily speakers trying to sell my allies
  10. I don't understand ads... I can't use them.
  11. @signs

    You dumb nut

    What's the point of a "Free To Play" game when you need to spend money to play

    People are going to come up with ways to make it so they don't have to pay because they don't want to spend money on a "Free To Play" game

    Just cos we haven't got mummies purse to steal from like you do and we would rather spend money we earn from work on rl things
  12. @Woifie

    This game is also Free to Pay.
  13. I actually like this idea, well thought out and hopefully would encourage more talking in WC.

  14. SUPPORT.. 5 speakers a day for me is not enogh.. And I hate that feeling when I want to post on wc but I'm out of speaker..
  15. If you want more speakers buy them?:p
  16. Only read 1/3

    How about speakers dropping from pvp/BL?