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  1. So I was wondering if as of now the speaker system is still essential for world chat? Seeing as world chat are slow most times of the day. Even an increase in speakers? So leave your ideas on what you think ;)
  2. I think they need to get rid of it
  3. I was told it took the whole mod team to constantly stay on the devs to increase speaker limit from 5 to 15...and it took a long time.
  4. Well the devs prolly want you spending nobs to talk i assume. They gotta squeeze every penny out of this game. God forbid they give us something for free.
  5. Since there a bunch of mods now and the report button I'd be fine with them increasing the cap again
  6. Personally only problem I see is the world announcement. They need to keep speaker's just for making those. Other then that, yeah may as well allow free chat in Wc
  7. Maybe only speakers for when posting ads? Other then that free chat :)
  8. Personally ... I think Bach should have LESS speakers.
  9. Bach uses more speakers than she uses the attack button
  11. That she is mine pleb
  12. I like it. That way IG can send more ads in wc.
  13. Locking per op request.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.