Sort out the Misc section

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  1. Pretty much the title really.

    The Misc section in market is a mess of completely unrelated items. If it could be sorted into some more sections, preferably collapsable, like war equipment, chest keys, bars etc. that would be a small thing to do i think but will make the market ui nicer.

    What do you guys think, am i just fussing over something that no one else is bothered about?
  2. I’m more concerned of the amount of junk in my inventory from old events lol
  3. No support
  4. The main issue is that the marketplace on pc literally crashes for some accounts if they have too many items in the “other” tab from past events being loaded in. Try banking as a ps in war in sb. Not fun. Spring cleaning is heavily needed lol
  5. This
  6. Support so many unnecessary items
  7. Support. It makes finding which event items you need a huge hassle when having to look through items from the last several events. Dev's should do a better job at organizing the misc section.
  8. Support. Would be super helpful if items were even sorted with three tabs: items you buy with gold, items you buy with nobs, and items you buy with trader tokens.
  9. When next summer clean up?
  10. Why not just let us seperate items into our own sections or let us put everything we dont want in a "misc" chest of sorts, put everything we use in a seperate one
  11. "Miscellaneous" for a reason.