Sony opted out

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  1. minor detail Sony is a company that's owned by a Japanese parent company. Yes Sony pictures maybe based in the USA pretty sure the rest is a lot closer to North Korea.
  2. I think it's a way for when they re-release the movie it's going to be swarmed.
  4. It's not going to be released on DVD, digital download, or video on demand. They are canning it completely. Plus it was the major theaters who opted out of showing the movie which cause Sony to throw their hands up and admit defeat. Or so I've read.
  5. I am sad its not being released, and the company will make zero returns on the 42mil make. But the threats from the 'hackers' were pretty intense. So I guess this is the first time Hollywood has put humanity ahead of money.

    I hear its still be released in "foreign" places... not sure what qualifies.

  6. Sorry but you're full of crap. Sony has no plans to release it on DVD either. Moreover, they theater chains said they wouldn't carry it before the announcement. If the theatres don't have the balls, there is nothing Sony can do.
  8. Those who are claiming Sony put this on as a false flag attack are small time conspiracy theorists. Allow me to demonstrate true tin foil hat prowess.

    Remember Benghazi, the attack that was a reaction to a certain anti-muslim video? Imagine now, the reaction from North Korea if the interview is to be released. We all know Kim is a nutjob. The mainstream media is the government's puppet and is being used to goad North Korea into attacking us to start world war 3.

    Now I can take my tinfoil hat off and get back to reality.
  9. Didn't Sony only recall the movie after 3 of the largest American theatre companies refused to show it? They were getting 9/11-like threats. It was a big deal.
  10. Someone post a damn source
  11. sony isn't an american company. :|
  12. Support
  13. So Sony have lost their balls ?
    Which headline would you rather read.
    Sony pulls movie.
    Or a theatre showing the movie has been struck by a terrorist bomb killing dozens if not hundreds of innocent people.

    Sony did what was right for their consumers and staff in the face of a threatened terrorist action.
    The same as any company would evacuate a site of a reported bomb threat.
    Sony chose not to force that threat upon people for what was intended to be an amusing parody film.
    Unfortunately if you study what is happening in North Korea they chose a poor subject.
    Either way it is a poor reflection when a film no matter how poor the taste warrants terrorist actions in the minds of some.
  14. Well, we can always make a O. b AMA assassination movie.

    No one would get upset.

    We don't do that the thing where we say. Do what we want or we will kill people. Now do we?
  15. The North Koreans have probably done us all a favour.... the film looks rubbish!
  16. Even if they did trace it, VPN would dish out a random country, So if north Korea came up, it wasn't them.
  17. Man we could have some old racist white people in my O. B AMA assa movie.

    You know the white people. The ones who hate Obama because he is black.

    They could run around talking all redneck. Sayin. "They took our jobs"

    At the end they break into Joe Bidens house. They will find his secret stash Russian porn. And his shotgun.

    Since the rednecks are to stupid to buy one at Wal Mart they will have to steal Joe Bidens shotty.

    On the way out the door one redneck holds the double barrel high am proud. "They took our Jobs!"

    Oh it's really not the funny is it?
  18. In addition, Paramount Pictures tweeted to moviegoers that they'd show Team America in place of The Interview, but recently tweeted that they would no longer be doing so...
  19. You're quoting Al Jazeera as a credible source of news? Do you ever think of the biases that could be rampaging in their articles? Do you ever think of the corporate connections between corporate media companies, news writers, and political parties?

    Just asking.