Song Lyrics - What do they mean to you?

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  2. Music is...
    Just another scar on the flesh
    Another kiss that was missed
    Another nick of the neck.

    Music is...
    Just another escape for me
    Another way for these,
    bars to garner hate for me!

    Life is
    Not quite what it shoulda been
    I guess I could pretend
    That the razor is not my friend!

    Life is
    That girlfriend that hates you
    The one that's mistake-proof
    Although she is see through

    Music is life
    I cut myself to her rhythm
    And die inside her hymns
    I'm dyin to to be with her

    Music is life
    And I'm tryin not to wither
    Although I'm on my knees
    I'm crying when I hit her.

  3. Woow errrr kinda harsh song.
  4. Shawn Mendes
    It isn't in my blood
    I'm not usually a fan of his but the lyrics to this song get's me through the bad days.

    Sometimes i feel like giving up, but i just can't
    It isn't in my blood

  5. Super tallented musician.
  6. Tom Walker
    I Will Leave The Light On

    A great one to listen to when u feel like you're the only person in the world with problems
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