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Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Fuji, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. My suggestion is something simple that adds only to the aesthetics of the game. What I am suggesting is adding more color variants to the alchemist for players to change their names to. It's nothing groundbreaking but more colors to choose from should be simple enough to add and would make for a more colorful wc! Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  2. Highkey af, nobody cares lolz
  3. @syntaxerror u don't have to take out ur parents lack of love for u on me. Ull be more likely to make friends if ur nicer to people.
  4. Name a color that's not being used

    Red = developers
    Green = moderators
    Light Blue = valiant Knight
    Orange = pvp
  5. ...purple?? yellow!? 
  6. How bouts a diff color for each letter ...dat b kool 

  7. ZING
  8. I think those are already spells

    Gold, purple, blue, olive, steel grey, hot pink, cyan, light pink

    And don't forget noob grey
  9. Well I still like the diff color for each letter idea, or how about a change in text for the length of the spell? I mean how hard could that be?

    ...Prob be viewable on Apple but not Android lol :p

  10. White should be a new colour

  11. Brown, redish-orange , dark blue, etc.
  12. Ask an art student and they'll be able to tell you what colors aren't being used :lol:
  13. Personally I think a different orange would be nice. The pvp orange is dark and a lighter one could be nice. Other colors that could be added include: a bright yellow (not like the gold that is already offered), indigo, turquoise, a darker pink, maybe brown (I'm not sure about this one but it would make for an interesting wc), etc.

    I understand this isn't necessary and it may seem I am being "picky," but it's just a suggestion! That's why I posted it in the ideas feedback requests section of forums!
  14. I mean android already has a choice of different fonts and texts styles, we don't need a mith spell or a jailbroken iPhone to do that 

    Unless you're talking about changing the text color with a mith spell, then obviously it's possible on both
  15. I'm not sure making more colors would be worth it in the long run. People are used to the colors we have already
  16. That's part of the reason I thought it might be cool to get more. Adding some colors that people aren't used to can't hurt and, while it doesn't add any specific benefits, it shouldn't be too hard to add (although maybe it is I don't know much about that stuff lol).
  17. Support because I want a black name.
  18. Yeah black would be cool

  19. Change your name to Montez or D'Quan ...maybe Kanye