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Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Nighthawk_FPBO_1, Jun 21, 2017.

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  1. Interesting
  2. I like your post. My own personal issues with that it seems to be an already established community warring. It is hard as a noob to break into it. There are few systems in place that really steer prospective war players. For sure...there shouldn't always be coded passages for is kind of cool that war is even a thing on KAW as the framework seems to be neglected in comparison to EBs and events. A testament to the organic ingenuity of many of you seasoned players perhaps.

    I recognize that EBs and events lead to better profits at this point...but eventually most of us will spend more money on games which offer more strategic options & depth. Spending money and watching tiny castles grow is sort of fun, but ultimately, imho..a very limited pleasure in terms of engagement
  3. Support. Itd be nice to see the devs do any of this at all even though I dont support one or two of things, we need some new meaningful updates. I appreciate the pretty UI and aesthetics that legends has brought and the slightly altered reward system but it has a lot of draw backs too. (Cant see rewards for anything but LB, makes it very ambigous to know what you'll actually be getting next. I Sincerely believe this is intentional.)
  4. With new and expensive Lands/Buildings released its even more important for war to be more prominent.

    No probs being big while others can catch up with event rewards staying constant. Sure the EQ is nice but it remains for the biggest & highest spenders to attain which is fine.

    Can their not be more war only tourneys with war specific only EQ rewards to go with other rewards?

    Is grouping EB's PvP and EE together in every event really necessary? Change it up a lil.
  5. I do like the adding of crest plates.
    It's good to help rebuilding and growth both.
  6. How about adding the ability to click on a players profile and being able to send them gifts from the market place? Not gold obviously, but items like seals, circles, nobility points, and xtals. Select what item and how many, and it brings you to the regular payment options there are now. Paypal etc. The player receives a notification the same as it happens now with details of what the gift included.

    How about implementing that idea into the game?

  7. Try this idea on for size....

    A clan loyal based EB named 'the Siege'

    A blend of TFO and FOD
    - 24hrs to complete
    - Random incoming every minute
    --- 1 each of attack steal assassinate scout
    3 levels of difficulty to choose from:
    - Trial of Will (hardest)
    - the Long Summer (difficult)
    - Uprising (challenging)
    Clan Plunder bonus meter
    - more damage the higher/faster it climbs
    - increments of 5 to maximum 150%
    Minimum hits for rewards
  8. Can't work, bully mechs are gr8. "Give me 3 seals or else I'll farm u and your entire clan". Seems like a great system
  9. You are right. I never considered how badly bullies would use that. That would become a nightmare.
  10. SS means loss of ALL EE.
    No EE to lose then a 1 month ban SS.
  11. Due to my utter lack of interest anymore i request a lock and delete.
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