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Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Nighthawk_FPBO_1, Jun 21, 2017.

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  1. General thoughts for the KaWmunity

    Starting with when is the next ASW?
    Next what is planned for S7?
    Many ppl still clamour for PvP events that satisfy their play style.
    Lastly will EE get a boost with incentives and higher prominence instead of rolled into the myriad of events?

    Might i suggest a few tweaks....

    1) Add war to our profiles.

    2) Make BR a clan loyalty EB meaning its lost once ppl leave the clan to join another clan other than for EE.

    3) Give us a break from events by adding in weekend war tourneys. Maybe every 3 months would be possible.

    4) Release of next LANDS be for War use only being they've no effect on EB's but can be a gold sink for those who war. Furthermore it might generate more interest for war.

    5) Create War only EQ that when donned can be used for OSW/PvP/EE but is of no benefit to hitting EB's. A RANCOR style system could be used for EQ upgrades accumulated from war.

    6) as for those who repeatedly speak of BC its not the end all be all. For me it gets tedious when ppl choose 1 aspect without an underlying purpose. Is BC tunnel vision only? Results in buying BFA only. So then what would be the next cry?

    7) PvP pays well if ppl hunt targets but EE lags behind. Improving payouts on both would help balance out KaW play styles and generate higher interests for other than EB's.

    Add your support or not or ideas....

    Just a few random thoughts...THX
  2. 1 I don't know what that means

    2 no way

    3 maybe

    4 garbage

    5 nope

    6 I don't know what that means

    7 maybe
  3. Much support ;)

  4. My ideas r generally targeted at ALL things other than EB's.

    Out of curiosity do u war?
    As for the ideas i've listed they r either add ons as in war to our profiles or for enhancing non-EB game play. War Lands r of no effect to those who play for EB's only further allowing ppl to get to BC sooner if not warring. Those of us who war will be sinking gold into lands. As for BR its for those who wish more loyalty. I understand the position of those who clan hop.
  5. I don't know what that means

    "add war to our profiles"

    Already have spells that show your in war

    Be more specific
  6. Profiles have stats of all kinds but none r specific to war.

    Eg wins/losses or action results or any SS
  7. I think he means like war stats like win/loss kos etc idk
  8. Actually yeah, there are the lowlands stats, the ally and eq bonus is for lowlands too

    Keep in mind lowlands is beta

    Bloodrains being clan loyal isn't about war either

    That would just cause people to keep running it more often than necessary
  9. All your ideas maybe good ideas if the ee system didn't suck so how about they make that more enjoyable to begin with.

    Ee lags behind? Have you seen the leaderboard prizes? PvP events don't give anything close to that you totally lost me on that one.

    Ee should have an equipment like zoma and zta IMO I suggest a helmet because that's what the last seasons have given but it has to be the best item in that slot forever so should be boosted with the times. If they fixed wars.
  10. This is true but i seek ALL war stats that include both LL War and IWar
  11. I've not delved into to eb side for a reason. My approach is towards all the other aspects of KaW and I leave EB's to others. I do ty for your posts though.
  12. Thoughts on how to improve EE systems is another can of worms lol.

    Feel free to post any ideas.
  13. I did not mention EB I don't care about EB's they do not need to be fixed in any way.
  14. I'd like to see them scrap ee completely to be perfectly honest and think of something new but that's just me I guess.
  15. Totally agree 

    What is to fix when it does not hit back?
    Absolutely nothing lol

  16. IMO EE can use a refreshing rebirth.
    ATM its gotten stale without any new improvements. It needs its own due and attention that offers up incentives and generating more interest. Again the occasional War only event would change up the monotony
    Other such events for PvP only also to get away from all these events would satisfy others.

    In a 52 week calendar year there is room and time for many things on the schedule.
  17. KaW needs to have an offline version so I can play KaW on my laptop while I poop in the bathroom which seems to be out of range of my WiFi.
  18. I suggested while ago, they should make a war where you get infinite troops and it comes down to button mashing and praying for success

    As it is now it's like it's over in the first 5 minutes, you got couple different roles, and most people just dive and wait to regen so they can sko, while the tanks skim

    If it wasn't for the rewards it would go the way of system wars, system wars is a ghost town, I don't even remember the last time there was one in this server

    I don't even look for it, no point, there is nothing there
  19. EE events sucks. Too many alts around that destroy indi's or ffa casters too get rewards. Not to speak about ppl using bots. Nevertheless I prefer war above ebs.

    Stats are meaningless. Would like to make a difference between indi and LL wars for rewards Maybe like the additional rewards for ebs. But separate for LL and indi.
  20. Isn't all star war every September?

    It used to be, but I took almost 2 years off so not sure now
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